Insider’s Scoop: Optimism is All Around

This week in moving and storage (and a little gossip)… Things are looking up all around.

Stewart and Pattinson back together?Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Rob-Sten (we made that up): Getting Back Together?

On Thursday, U-Haul moving vans were spotted (again) at the home of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Rumors have been swirling that the defunct couple have been having secret meetings and could be getting back together. Will the couple end up back together, or is this a sign that solidifies their separation? Only time will tell. What we really want to know is did they follow our tips on how to load that moving truck? Read the article here.

If You’re in Need of More Storage, Then Look Up.

This week, Erintheorganizer reminds us how important it is to use all the storage space your home has, including attics and crawl spaces. “It’s perfect for things that you don’t use (memory items) or use seasonally like decorations for the holidays. Bin or contain your items so they are easy to find”. If you don’t have an attic or crawl space, the next best option for out of sight, out of mind storage is a rented storage facility. Read the article here.

Housing Optimism
Housing prices looking up soon? Photo: Getty Images North America via @daylife

Optimism Continues to Rise for Housing Market

It is still a great time to buy a home, and prices may soon begin to catch an upswing. Forbes experts weigh in this week on why we can assume home prices will only go up. “The housing market is steadily recovering with consistent increases in both home sales and median prices” which means that it is still a great time to invest in a home if you are able. Read the article here.

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