Safety Tips for Loading a Trailer

Loading a trailer correctly is one of the most important steps in your DIY move. Safe driving operations and maneuvering are very important components, but safety truly begins with the proper loading of your trailer. Below, we share the two most important tips you should follow the next time you’re loading a trailer.

Tip #1 Load Heavy in the Front:

Loading your trailer heavier in the front (towards the vehicle) will prevent swaying and whipping. A trailer loaded heavier in the rear half will sway at a certain speed and can progress into whipping if you increase your speed. The correct way to load a trailer is to put 60 % of the cargo weight in the front half of the trailer (or, as specified for a particular trailer, if different).

Tip #2: Secure Your Load:

Once you have your trailer loaded as mentioned above,  secure your load using ropes and tie-downs to prevent the cargo from shifting during the move.  This will prevent damage to your cargo and will also maintain the stability of the trailer by keeping the load heavier in the front half.  (Source: How to Load a U-Haul Trailer)

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Do you have any helpful tips for loading a trailer, or have experienced any particular challenges? Let us know below in the comments section.