4 Mobile Apps for Driving Your Car to College

The time has come… You’re off to college. Independence, academic challenge, new friends and memorable experiences are waiting. Every year, thousands of high school graduates drive long distances to their new on-campus home. In fact, many of these soon-to-be college freshman drive across multiple state lines to in order to reach their final destination. If you’re planning on driving your car to college and desire a safe and efficient trip, then you might want to check out the mobile apps below.

College Packing List
Before you hit the open road, it’s wise to use a packing list organizer like the College Packing List app. Also, be sure to check off the items as you pack them in your car, this method will increase the odds that you don’t leave anything at home. However, if you happen to leave an item or two behind, (because you misplaced it or it simply won’t fit) you can use a college shipping service like Collegeboxes to easily ship your stuff from home to school.

driving your car to college

By far, the most important goal of your trip is to be safe. Drivesafe.ly is a neat app that will read texts, emails, Facebook chats and tweets aloud in real time, allowing you to stay connected throughout your drive, while reducing distracted driving instances. With an automatic response feature, it will respond instantly to your friends and contacts, letting them know you’re in the process of driving to college. The app has one-touch activation and is very lightweight (so your battery won’t drain during your trip).

driving your car to college

Traveling a long way will empty your tank and lighten your wallet. Nevertheless, if you want to save money on gas during your big haul and in the future, GasBuddy can help you find the cheapest gas prices with a single tap. Of course, after you arrive at college, you can use this app in the future to save some money, allowing you to have more cash to spend on the stuff you enjoy.

driving your car to college

University Maps
If you’re attending a large university, then it’s possible the campus could resemble a small city. With that said, you might want to know the most efficient routes for getting around your campus by car. With over 400 universities in their database, University Maps is likely to have the details of your college campus. With this app you can quickly find your current location, search for your desired destination, get directions from one place to another anywhere on campus, (via driving or walking) and send friends a text or email of your current whereabouts.

driving your car to college

Using the above apps when taking your car to college can help you pack more efficiently, drive safer, save cash and accelerate your familiarity of your college campus layout. Of course, at the end academic year, you’ll likely drive all the way back home. However, if you want to have the luxury of just hopping in your car and departing without packing your car to the brim, you might want to consider a full-service college storage company like Collegeboxes.

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