College Bound: Tips for Moving to Florida State University

moving to florida state universityWhen it comes to your college experience, you are already off on the right foot just based on your locale! Moving to Florida State University means that for the next four years you get to enjoy sunshine, and lots of it! You’ll also enjoy tailgating at FSU’s Indian Village, and the FSU birthday tradition of visiting the Tennessee strip in what is known as the Tennessee Waltz. The mascot here is the Seminole, and the school colors are garnet and gold.

Before you set off to your dorm, you should know that halls open officially on Wednesday, August 21 at 9am. The first day of classes is Monday, August 26. You should also know that there are a few special tips and tricks that can help make your move to Florida State University a breeze, like on the top-rated beaches where you’ll likely be spending many a weekends. Here are the top tips for your university:

Choose an Alternate Destination: Instead of returning your truck to Tallahassee, consider one of these nearby cities as an alternate destination:

  • Quincymoving to florida state university
  • Havana
  • Crawfordville
  • Monticello
  • even Thomasville, GA

Make a Round Trip: If you live in a nearby city like Jacksonville or Gainesville, Tampa, Orlando, or Miami, you can rent your truck there, take it to your dorm to unload, and then return it to the same place. Avoiding the busy area of Tallahassee will help you avoid a headache and save some money.

Move in Early or Late: If you are moving to an apartment and have the option to move in early (2 weeks at the least is ideal), then you can save a lot! These off-peak times tend to have lower rates due to better equipment availability. If you’re moving into a dorm, consider bringing the bare essentials, as if you were going on a two-week long vacation, then wait a couple of weeks to gather the rest of your furniture in the truck. Again, you’ll avoid the peak of FSU move-in, and can likely get a better deal. Additionally, if you can move mid-week instead of on a weekend, and mid-month, you will sailing stress-free!

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What’s your strategy for moving to Florida State University? Have you made this move before and want to share any tips with other students? Let us know below in the comment’s section!