College Bound: Moving to Boston

So you’re moving to Boston for college? Congratulations, many of the top colleges are located here and there is a lot going on in this energetic city. Before you set off on your moving journey, there are some very important things you should know about moving to Boston. The city is small with limited space for parking, and equipment is in high demand during the peak college moving times. This post will tell you how you can save time, money, and hassle when you move to Boston for college.

Moving to BostonTip #1: Move after August 31st. If you’re not already a current student, then plan your move to the city as far away from August 31st as possible. Why? Well, August 31st is “Moving Day” in Boston. The tradition stands that all students and apartment dwellers move out of their residences for 24 hours- they are not allowed back in until September 1st. We’re not exactly sure why this is still an honored tradition, but as you can imagine, it makes moving very tough. Everyone is scrambling to reserve a moving truck, and equipment is scarce. Not to mention, you can’t move in on the 31st, even if you wanted to, the soonest would be September 1st. Our recommendation? Move as far after this date as possible to stay safe and sane. Here are some ideas:

  • Come early with only the bare necessities. Get through the first week or so in your place, and then reserve the truck to go back and get all of your stuff around the second week in September, once things have calmed down.
  • Negotiate with your landlord. While many rental agreements begin on the first of the month, it may be possible to negotiate your move-in date to be later in the month. Try asking for a move-in date that is in the 2nd week in September (if your class start-date permits). This scenario can also end up saving you some money on rent!

Tip #2: Take public transportation. On moving day, don’t bother driving to any of the truck rental lots, there will be no where to park. Instead, take a bus, train, or ride your bike to rent a truck. Another option is to pay for daily parking.

moving to boston

Tip #3: Choose a alternate return destination that is nearby. Avoiding the city all together may very well be the best option. If you’re dropping off your rental truck in Boston, you can expect to be waiting in long lines. Instead, avoid dropping of at the locations on the left. Instead, choose a destination on the right:

Boston                                                                              instead choose                                              Weymouth

  • Boston University
  • Emerson College
  • Mass-Boston College

Brookline                                                                         instead choose                                              Norwood

  • Hellenic College
  • Newbury College

Cambridge                                                                       instead choose                                              Somerville

  • Harvard University
  • Lesley University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Tip #4: Parents helping? Have them bring the truck from your hometown. Chances are that you or your parents will be coming from a number of nearby cities to help you with your move. Convince them to drive the truck instead of their car from nearby cities like Providence, Hartford, Manchester or Worcester. You will be glad to avoid the lines, and it may cost less, even figuring the additional miles and gas!

Remember, in most cases, you can’t keep your truck rental for more than 24 hours. Be sure you are packed and ready to load the truck before you pick it up. Many students are trying to move during this busy time, so help another kid by returning a truck as soon as you can.

NEW: Read the city of Boston Traffic Advisory for Student Move-In 2013

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Have you made the move to a Boston college? What are your tips? What are your biggest concerns? Let us know below in the comment’s section!