How to Stabilize a Portable Storage Trailer

Using a U-Box portable storage container is a great way to conveniently and easily get your items to your new home. When you use a U-Box container, you have two different methods of getting it to and from your house — you can schedule a delivery or pickup on the back of a U-Haul truck, or you can pick up and drop off at your local neighborhood U-Haul Center on your own time.

The second option is easy to do and is possible for most customers with a hitch installed on their vehicle. This is accomplished with the use of a portable storage trailer. It may be simpler to load the trailer without disconnecting it from your tow vehicle, but if you decide to unhook the trailer follow these steps to stabilize it before loading. These steps are in place to keep both you and the equipment in healthy, working order!

U-Haul Portable Storage Trailer
U-Haul offers portable storage trailers for getting U-Box container from place to place.

10 Simple Steps to Stabilize a Portable Storage Trailer

  1. Park the U-Box container in a open, accessible location. Put the tow vehicle in park, turn the motor off, and set the parking brake
  2. Remove the wood chocks from their storage location on the front of the trailer and place them at the front and rear of each trailer tire.
  3. Disconnect the safety chains and lighting wiring from the tow vehicle.
  4. Loosen the hand wheel on the coupler by turning counter-clockwise. Disengage the tongue jack and rotate towards the ground so it’s in a vertical position.
  5. Rotate the tongue jack handle clockwise to raise the coupler off of the ball. Drive the vehicle away from the trailer.
  6. Use the tongue jack to  adjust the coupler height so it’s two inches lower than the rear of the trailer.
  7. Lower the rear drop down stabilizers. Place the pin into the hole that allows the closest contact of the stabilizer to the ground. Remember to do this for both sides of the trailer.
  8. Rotate the tongue jack clockwise until the stabilizers make firm contact with the ground.The trailer should be about level.
  9. Lift the ramp gate out of its holster and slowly lower the gate to the ground. Peel back the container cover and fasten to the velcro straps on the side of the container.
  10. Using a wrench, remove the bolts that secure the door closed. Remove your lock and open the door, being sure to engage the door retainer pin to hold the door open.

Do you have experience with a portable storage trailer? Are you thinking about one for your next DIY move? Let us know in the comments below.