Top 10 College Graduation Gifts

college graduation gifts

Whether they’ll be starting a new career, or traveling the world to visit exotic places, the college graduate in your life is moving on to the next chapter in their life. They’ve graduated, and now it’s time to celebrate their achievements. Here are some great college graduation gifts you can give them to help them prepare for the next adventure life has in store for them.

1. Luggage:

For the college graduate who wants to see the world, nothing helps more than a great set of luggage. This unique gift is something that can last them a life time. Whether it is traveling the world or packing their clothes for a move, luggage is a graduation gift your college student will love.

Gift Certificate College Graduation Gift

2. A Moving Company Gift Certificate:

This may seem a little strange for a college graduation gift; but whether they are moving back home or across the country, few things help as much there is nothing better than a gift certificate to help them get there. This unexpected gift certificate may be the last thing they would think to need but the first thing they will think to use.

3. A New Wardrobe:

Like the old adage goes, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” (i.e: a student). Help take your graduating student to the next level by giving them a new professional look. Upgrading clothes from tee shirts and jeans, to suits and ties. This may take some getting used to, however- with a little bit a guidance they will be dressing for success in no time.

4. A Professional Briefcase:

Quick to become the ‘lucky’ briefcase that help land them their new career; they are sure to love this amazing gift. Keeping organized while protecting their laptops and other electronics a professional briefcase makes for a great gift for moving into the professional world.

5. Tools:

We like to think you can fix everything with a roll of duct tape, but some things take a bit more effort. Why not help with a nice set of tools. There have been may times when I have found myself needing a particular tool when moving into my first place after college. I was trying to build a nice outdoor shelter for my dog, and found myself making repeated trips to the hardware store. Give this college graduation gift and your grad will be prepared for life’s unexpected fixes.

6. Cooking lessons:

Long nights of instant noodles and fast-food have not helped your college graduate learn how to properly feed themselves. This can be corrected easily with a few cooking lessons (or even cookbooks) to get them back onto a healthy eating regimen. This tasty treat of a gift is sure to please not only them, but also their friends. Maybe you’ll even get an invite over for a home-cooked meal.

7. Cash:

As anyone will tell you, a little cash can go a long way. Your college grad may use this generous gift towards any of the other gifts mentioned above, or store it away for a rainy day. Cash may not be the most personal gift but it can definitely help while they are looking for a new career and in the transitional phase into adulthood.

8. Furniture Store Gift Card:

A new stage in life calls for new furniture. When it is time to upgrade from a futon to an actual bed, your grad will be thanking you for this gift. Go the extra mile, and include it with a moving company gift card as well. This way, after they purchase their new furniture they can then get it home with ease.

9. Cleaning Supplies:

With all the big changes in their life, it may be hard to remember the little things, but dish soap, carpet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and laundry detergent are all necessary things to have on hand. Cleaning supplies are some of most essential items to have on hand, but a recent grad may forget about it they need until they need it.

10. Something Fun:

Yes, you want to give your grad something practical and useful for the life that lies ahead, but how about paying tribute to all of their hard work with something completely impractical and fun! If they have a hobby or interest, there’s a good chance they haven’t treated themselves to much over the last four years. Show them that it’s time to relax and indulge their not-so-useful desires.

Graduation is a time to celebrate but it is also another chance to help prepare for what is to come; the shift into a career. Hopefully these gift ideas will help move your friend or family member on to the next stage.

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What are you getting your college grad? Can you think of any great gifts we forgot? Let us know below in the comment’s section.