Shipping to Hawaii? Air vs Barge Shipping Comparison

ShippingtoHawaiiTraditionally, Hawaii is looked at as a major destination hot spot for active travelers and generally they pack a suitcase or two and they are good for their trip. But what if you do business in Hawaii? What if you’re going to college in Hawaii? And what if you decide to move to Hawaii and start your surf board business? (I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf)

Traveling to Hawaii is easy with suitcases, but what about shipping your belongings to Hawaii? Is the bang worth the buck or would shipping to Hawaii on a barge be more affordable. Well, let’s look into the two options and determine which Hawaii shipping method is more affordable.

Air Shipping to Hawaii:

shipping to hawaiiABF has four air based shipping ports in the upper 48 including: Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles but it seems they only fly into Honolulu. I’m sure for an extra cost they would put your shipment on a ferry and transport it to the island of choice but I want a one-and-done charge.

FedEx offers 1-3 business day shipping to Hawaii but you must call for specific commitment times, this sounds like I’m going to have to be put on a waiting list and probably put a hefty deposit down to get this plane moving.

UPS offers 1 day shipping to Hawaii and gives you detailed information on shipping options which you can view on their 144 page pdf. Holy cow, who needs 144 pages? I guess if you are big into import/export shipping to and from Hawaii it would be good to have your intern read these 144 pages, but not me. I want to fill out a five field form and answer a few questions and have my stuff moved, that’s it. Next option please.

Hawaiian Airlines also has four step shipping to Hawaii option but after seeing the price of their flights, I couldn’t imagine it would be very cost effective.

Barge Shipping to Hawaii:

Shipping to HawaiiATS has a good barge Hawaii shipping option but they want you to reserve 7-15 ft of a semi truck so they can load it onto a barge. Seems like a reputable option but they only port out of San Diego. So I would have to drive (or ship my stuff) to San Diego to have it get to Hawaii? No thanks, now that adds complications and is two shipping charges (or driving and one shipping charge) that I don’t want to deal with.

Sause Bros. has a very clean and clear website. They offer easy navigation as well as a Hawaii barge schedule but it looks as it can take more than two weeks after I drop my belongings off to ship. Also, they don’t list pricing on their site, you have to call or email for a quote. Is there somewhere that will just take my stuff in a box and ship it?

U-Haul is primarily known for DIY moving truck and trailer rentals but I saw they do international shipping. They have moving containers that ship to Hawaii starting at just $575, plain and simply listed on their moving containers Hawaii page.  After further review, they have multiple pickup and delivery options, can pick up the U-Box moving containers from my house and have it in Hawaii in less than two weeks? Wow, if I go with barge shipping to Hawaii, I think I may have found the winner.

After intensive research and uncovering the truth behind having to call almost every company about shipping to Hawaii, the answer seems crystal clear to me on which option I would choose, not only save money on shipping to Hawaii but get my stuff there, hassle free. I used their moving trucks to move into my house a few years ago and guess what; the 65 year DIY moving company U-Haul, does it once again. I will be shipping to Hawaii with U-Box moving containers.