Home Remodeling Storage Options

Home Remodeling Storage

Are you looking for some home remodeling storage options? When you are renovating your home it is so much easier when your stuff is out of the way and in storage. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your possessions getting broken, or covered in dust or paint, as you risk when you do home remodeling with your furniture and other items still in the home. How you store your items may depend upon the size of the renovations you are planning. This post gives you an overview of all of home remodeling options available.

U-Box Portable Storage ContainersSmall Renovation Storage Options

You have the most flexibility when you are looking at small home renovations. If your remodeling project is truly tiny, then you can just move your stuff to the other side of the room. For anything larger than that, you will need to look at your storage options. One great home remodeling storage solution is using a U-Box storage container. Portable storage can be delivered to your door and loaded at your convenience. Depending on the length of your project, you may be able to keep the U-Box container in your driveway for a couple of days. If it is going to take you several weeks or even months you can have the U-Box container picked up and stored for you, then delivered back to your home when your project is completed.

Multiple or Single Room Renovation Storage Options

Are you looking to give your bedrooms a new look? Perhaps you are dealing with an electrical or plumbing problem that impacts a chunk of your house? As with a small renovation, you can order a U-Box portable storage container to be delivered to your home. If just one won’t fit all of your items, then you can order additional containers. If you are not interested in portable storage, you can always look into a traditional local storage facility for your home remodeling storage needs. A variety of sizes are available from very small up to 20′ x 10′ units or even larger that can store many rooms.

A Full Home Renovation Storage Options

Are you replacing your roof, changing the flooring for the whole home, doing major architectural work? It can be very difficult to live in a home that is being completely renovated. Hopefully, for renovations this extensive you can complete the project before you actually move in, instead of trying to find home remodeling storage options. If you are doing a whole home remodel on a home that you are living in, then you might want to look into renting a truck and moving out for a while. If you move into a smaller apartment you may also need to get a storage unit, or a portable storage container for those items that you will not need on a daily basis.

Remodeling is much easier when you have all of your stuff out of the way, and depending on how large or small your home renovations are, different storage options are available to you. Once you have decided what type of home remodeling storage you will use, you should check out all of our storage articles to help you pack, organize and store all of your possessions. Also, check out this handy Self-Storage Size Guide to help you find the perfect size storage unit.

Have you ever remodeled your home? What home remodeling storage options did you go with? Let us know in the comments.