Top 10 High School Graduation Gifts

It’s that time of year again — graduation announcements and pictures of soon-to-be college freshman in their caps and gowns cover the front door of your kitchen fridge. It’s a great time in the life of a young adult, so many new experiences and adventures lie ahead.

And while everyone knows that most people have graduation parties, not everyone knows what kinds of gifts to get. Here at Moving Insider, a handful of us came up with the top-10 gifts we wished we would have gotten for our high school graduations.

Top 10 High School Graduation Gifts
Golf Skills Can Be Valuable in Future Business Opportunities. Image via Creative Commons/Flickr chispita_666

10. Golf Clubs

Maybe it’s because I went to school with a golf course on campus, but a nice set of golf clubs will last a long time with some tender loving care. Golfing is a great way to spend the last summer at home with your buddies or family members. Picking up some skills on the green could help when it comes to landing that job right after graduation — you’d be surprised at how many business deals never go through because of a missed putt! (And if you want to bring those clubs along with you to school, check out this specifically designed transport box.)

9. Digital Camera

A great gift for any graduate that is on Facebook — so every graduate in your life. We take pictures at an astonishing rate and almost every single one of them is uploaded to the web. A nice point and shoot won’t run you too much these days. It’s a great gift that grads can start using on the spot; from pictures at the party to capturing memories on your first cross-country move with a trailer.

8. Vacation

After working hard studying for exams and placement tests, your favorite grad deserves a little bit or R n’ R, right? A nice trip to a tropical destination like Hawaii can be a once in a lifetime experience and well worth the cost. And don’t worry, if you find you love Hawaii (who wouldn’t) and decide to move there, U-Box moving containers can help you get the rest of your stuff there.

7. Luggage

I know that this is a gift I truly appreciated on my move from Pennsylvania to Arizona for school. Not only will it go great with that aforementioned vacation, a quality durable travel bag is perfect for weekend excursions and adventures to new places, like meeting your new girlfriend’s dad!

6. Gift Cards

Although the old saying goes “mother knows best,” sometimes it is better to leave the choosing up to the graduate. While you may not agree with their decision to buy a 60″ HDTV for their dorm, it will make your grad happy, along with the rest of his or her soon to be new best friends. You can buy a gift card for almost any store — including U-Haul for the moving and packing supplies.

Gift Certificate High School Graduation Gift
Gift Certificates are a great way to let the grad decide

5. Laptop

A laptop is one of those gifts that would be used until it’s dead, literally. Having a personal computer is almost a necessity in college and a desktop computer isn’t very practical. While a bit more pricey, a laptop will have your grad thanking you over and over again.

4. Car

Apparently some people get cars for high school graduation gifts? Maybe this blogger is just bitter than he didn’t get one, but after some careful research I’ve found out that a lot of people do. A quality car will last for years to come with regular maintenance and up-keep. And while bringing your car to school freshman year is usually frowned upon, towing your vehicle back as an upperclassman is a popular thing to do.

3. Picture Frames

Seems simple enough, but sometimes the smallest of gifts are the ones that are appreciated the most. Some custom designed picture frames are a great way to remind your grad of a special someone or special place in their heart. It will also be a great addition to the dorm wall on the first day. Just be sure to use specifically designed boxes for packing picture frames so they don’t get damaged in transit!

2. Bike

Top High School Graduation Gifts
Bike racks fully loaded are a common sight around college campuses

A gift that serves two great purposes, transport and fitness, is one that any grad is sure to appreciate. This gift really isn’t thought of before school, but after the first week of walking up to three miles every day, it will be on the forefront of their mind. Getting it to school is easy — a simple bike rack is a great way to get a bike to campus. A quality bike will last all four years of school

1. Cash

As the old saying goes, cash is king. I know that this was the most popular gift at my graduation party and I was extremely thankful to those who gave me cash, no matter what the amount. I was able to put that money in the bank and use it when I needed it. Typical amounts range from $25-$100 and it’s usually best practice to reciprocate the amount of what they gave you, if applicable.

Are you graduating from high school this year? Is there a great gift that you think I forgot? Let us know in the comments below.

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