College Bound: Moving to Virginia Tech


Congratulations on your decision to attend Virginia Tech! Moving to Virginia Tech marks a transition in your life into young adulthood and independence. There is a lot to look forward to over the next four years.

Virginia Tech is the home of beautiful hokie-stone buildings, and more than 31,000 undergraduate students. For most students, dorm move-in begins on Wednesday, August 21st (early move-in) and extends through the 24th. Classes begin on Monday, August 26th.

While moving to Virginia Tech is a fun and exciting time, college move-in can also be a little stressful. This post was written to give you the insider’s tips that will save you time and money.moving to virginia tech

Tip #1: Drop off your rental truck in a nearby city. Roanoke is not very far away, and because of that, this nearby city is a great place to drop off your truck. Choosing an alternate destination for drop off will help you avoid long lines, big crowds, and may also help you lock in a lower rate. When making your moving truck reservation, check to see if there are lower rates for returning in a neighboring city.

Tip#2: Make it a round trip. If you’re coming from a nearby city, then think about renting your truck in your hometown and returning it there as well. Or, if your parents are planning to come along and help you move in, drive to VT together in the truck from your hometown, and have them drive the truck back. This means they won’t have to drive a separate chase-car, and you will save a lot of time waiting in line. Ideal cities for round trips are,

Richmond                   Charlottesville             Harrisonburg              Northern Virginia and the DC area          Tidewater area

moving to Virginia techTip #3: Move during an off-peak time. Weekends are the busiest time for moving, even outside of college. So, moving any day Monday through Thursday will often save you time and money. Since the move in for all undergraduates at VT begins on Wednesday, August 24th – this day is your best bet to rent equipment in order to avoid crowds and lock in a lower rate. Thursday would be the next best day, while Friday and Saturday will be the most hectic. If moving before the weekend is not an option, then consider moving after. If you can get by with the bare necessities for the first few days, moving during the following week on a day you don’t have class is ideal.

Tip #4: Take a trailer instead of a truck. There will undoubtedly be a shortage of moving trucks during the busy college move-in time. This can mean you will pay a premium. if your car has a trailer hitch (or, if you can borrow or rent one that does), then renting a trailer is a great option (link to trailer post). Not only are they often much more affordable compared to a truck, but you can also drive your own vehicle, and do it all in one trip!

Tip #5: Use a college shipping service. We have mentioned the convenience of college shipping services in several other college bound blog posts. College boxes is the #1 storage and shipping service for college students and is available on the VT campus. They will ship you everything you need to pack your stuff at home, then deliver it to your dorm. This is a great option if you want a hassle-free move and don’t have large pieces of furniture (they only ship boxes).

By following these tips, your move to college will be a smooth one. Once you’re settled into your dorm you can relax and prepare for what the semester holds.

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

Are you moving to Virginia Tech in the fall? Have you already made the move here? Share your tips with us in the comments section!