Propane Grilling Tips

Summer is here, and so is grilling season! We have some great propane grilling tips for you. Whether you are cooking meat or vegetables, we want to make sure that your next barbecue or party out by the grill is a tasty success.

Meat Grilling Tips

Meat Grilling Tips

One of the main advantages of grilling with propane is that you have much better control over your heat versus charcoal grilling. Heat is extremely important when you are cooking on the grill. A grilling thermometer can be helpful, and some grills have them built in. Keep these grilling tips in mind:

  • For something like a steak you will want to use a higher heat to seer the outside of the meat quickly without burning it or overcooking the steak making it tough and chewy. Look for a temperature range of 400-500 degrees.
  • If you are cooking ribs or other barbecue, then you will want to cook with a much lower heat over a longer period of time. 200-300 degrees.
  • In between those extremes you have the best temperatures for cooking chicken, burgers and vegetables. The USDA provides this chart for the minimum safe internal temperatures for cooking meat.

Vegetable Grilling Tips

Vegetable Grilling TipsGrilled vegetables are a delicious and healthy addition to any barbecue.

  • For some larger vegetables such as portobello mushrooms or corn on the cob, no special measures are necessary. Although using a corn on the cob basket makes for easier grilling.
  • With some thinner vegetables, such as asparagus or sliced onions you have to be careful with them to make sure that they do not fall through the cracks. For those veggies, you may want to purchase a grilling basket. Throw them in a basket and they won’t fall through the cracks. If you do not have one, you can also use aluminum foil, but be careful that the heat is not so high that it burns through the foil. If you are having trouble with your vegetables sticking to the grill you should start marinating them before they go on the grill.

Other Grilling Tips

If you are looking for some great grilling recipes check out the U-Haul propane and grilling board on Pinterest. Safety is always important when grilling. You may be dealing with fire, but we don’t want you to get burned.  Be sure you don’t run out of propane! Fill your propane tank prior to your barbecue. Nothing is worse than having to stop a day out by the grill with friends to make an unexpected trip because you ran out of gas before your food was cooked.

Have you fired up the grill yet this season? Do you have grilling tips or recipes for the perfect barbecue? Share them with us in the comments below.