College Bound: Moving to Penn State University

Jun 5, 2013

So, you’ve graduated from high school and you will soon be moving to Penn State University… A ‘congratulations’ is in order! You have a very rewarding academic experience ahead. Penn State University is known for its high research activity, and also for the beloved Penn State Nittany Lions. This week, we continue our college bound coverage by exploring the process of moving to Penn State University. The tips in this post are designed to start your college experience off on the right foot, providing insight that will save you time, hassle and money.

Moving to Penn StateTip #1: Avoid the peak times.

School at Penn State begins on August 26th. Move-in to the dorms is crammed into only three short days which span from August 23rd-25th. If you are moving into the dorms, one of the best things you can do is come on your move-in day with the necessities, live out of your suitcase for the first week, and return later with a moving truck if you need one. Most truck rental companies will be swamped around this time of year, and so giving the madness some time to settle down will mean less time waiting in line to pick up and drop off your equipment. If you are moving into housing that is off-campus, then you have much more flexibility. The closer you move to the beginning of the month, the less college move-in chaos you will have to deal with. When possible, move on a weekday to save money.

Tip #2: Return at an alternate destination.

It’s amazing what a difference a few miles makes. Regardless of where you are coming from (in state or out), you can save time and possibly get a better deal if you return in a neighboring city, like Altoona or Harrisburg. The slight added distance to your trip will be nothing compared to the time you’d be waiting in line.

**Moving from the Philly area? Return your truck in Harrisburg to save 40%. Pittsburgh area, return in Altoona to save 40%! Offer  valid until 8/29/15

Moving to Penn State UniversityTip #3: Make it a round-trip.

Round trips are a popular option for college students, and it simply means that you are renting the truck in the city you are coming from and returning it there as well. This is an especially viable option for those moving from a nearby city, like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. You may be offered a lower rate for such a trip, and you won’t have to wait in long lines. If your parents are coming from your hometown to help you move in, you make a round trip work by driving to State College together, unpacking, and having your parents drive the truck back.

**Parents coming from Philly or Pittsburgh area: opt for a round trip move vs. a one-way rental to Penn State University to save 50% on your rental fee! Offer  valid until 8/29/15

Tip #4: Use a college shipping service.

College shipping services, like College Boxes, are becoming a popular way to move to and from college. It’s a great option for students who don’t have large pieces of furniture, but have several boxes worth of stuff to move. The way it works is college boxes will ship you empty boxes to fill with your belongings. Once filled, they will pick them up and deliver right to your dorm or apartment. It’s a complete doorstep to doorstep solution.

When all is said and done, moving to college may seem stressful, but will soon be a memory you look back on, maybe even fondly, as you progress into your life after academia.

Once you’re on the move, have a little fun and snap some photos on the way! Submit them here or via Instagram using #uhaulfamous to become U-Haul Famous!

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

Do you have any tips for moving to the Penn state University? Let us know below in the comments section!


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