Top 5 Packing Protection Items

Jun 8, 2013

Packing Protection at U-Haul

Packing Protection Display at U-Haul

When we’re moving, we often run into the problem of what exactly the right type of packing protection is for the fragile items we have. When it finally came time for me to move, I remember standing in U-Haul staring at all the moving supplies, completely  awestruck, trying of what would be best. When it comes to packing, it could be the type of box you use or the protective wrap that is the difference between a hassle-free move and utter disaster. Once you load up  with all of your protective items, read through this post to learn which protection is best when packing.

 Bubble Wrap

This protective product  is a  staple from my childhood. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized it was used for more than just popping. Bubble wrap is one of the most commonly-used items we associate with packing. It can be used for wrapping fragile or heavy items as an added layer of protection.

 Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a great way to keep small dings and scratches off of your furniture when moving. Wrapping dressers closed keeps them secure and safe during the moving process. This is also a great tool for any April Fool’s jokes you may have planned.

Packing Peanuts

Commonly used in shipping but is another great way to keep your items safe. Fragile items are well protected in for shipping storing or just moving in boxes filled with packing peanuts.

 Cushion Foam

This is one of my favorite packing protection items that I have found. Great with dishes and packing your kitchen as we found in this blog post. But, it can also be used is a similar fashion to bubble wrap. Cushion foam comes in pouches as well to protect your smaller valuables.

 Packing Paper

Packing paper is a great, it is extremely versatile whether it be stuffing it into items to prevent them from collapsing wrap it around items or balling up and putting in the box. Packing paper can be utilized similar to all the items before in this list. Better than simply using newspaper there is no chance packing paper can leave any type of residue on your items and fingers.

These are just some of the life-saving packing protection I used when I moved. Each one has helped me keep all of my fragile items safe and left me at ease during an already stressful process. I was excited when moving my home got easier with these products, so I wanted to try all sorts of packing solutions- which led me to this list. Hopefully you find it as helpful and useful as I have.

What is you favorite way to keep items protected from damage?


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