3 Options for your Inter-Island Move

Inter Island MovesMaking an inter-island move in Hawaii is no easy task. For starters, island-hopping can be very pricey, and there is a lot to keep in mind to make sure you have the safest, most affordable move. You will need to take into account all of the supplies you will need to pack, plus which transportation mode you will be using to guarantee the delivery of your goods to your new location.

Depending on your budget and timeline, there are several ways you can go about your inter-island move. This post explains the most common options, and the differences between them.

Inter-island cargo shippingCargo Shipping- In order to utilize cargo shipping, you must contact the service of your choice to make a reservation. You will be given a date, time and designated port at which to drop off your belongings. When you drop off your items, you will complete a bill of lading with the cargo shipping service. This is a contract between you and the company. Once you and your cargo have arrived at your new island (separately), you will pick it up at a dock of warehouse after presenting the same bill of lading.

Preparing your cargo for shipment can be a hair-pulling experience. The exact requirements for shipment will depend on the company; however, proper labeling of your belongings is crucial. If you are placing your boxes onto pallets (palletized), this must usually be done in advance and will require special transportation to get from home to dock and vice versa. If you are shipping loose cargo (individual boxes and furniture), then you may use a moving truck rental. With loose cargo, you may also choose to hire local moving helpers, who can load and unload your moving truck at your home, and at the dock. Remember to make all reservations in advance.

Inter-Island MovesPortable Storage Container Shipping- , U-Haul U-Box containers allow you to tow the storage container behind your personal vehicle with a trailer. Since the U-Box container is 5’ x 8’ in size, towing is relatively easy. Keep in mind that you may only tow one U-Box container at a time behind your vehicle making it best for smaller moves. Once you get to your new location and finish unloading, you can return the container to the location of your choice.

If you have more items than one U-box container worth, check to see if you can have the portable storage containers transported for you. This full-service option eliminates the extra step between your home and the dock. They will bring the container straight to your door to load, and then leave your goods in the boxes while they deliver the containers to your new home where you can unload all of your items at your own pace. All you need to do is transport you and your family.

Full-Service Movers- If you would rather hire professionals to execute your move in its entirety, a simple web search will reveal several solutions. Always be sure to check for reviews from past customers to ensure that you are hiring reputable moving helpers. In addition, make sure that all the costs are listed up front. Hiring full service moving helpers is the most expensive option for your inter-island move and you’ll want to be sure you are prepared to cover all of the costs.

Whichever method you choose, take your time and do research before your inter-island move. The last thing you want to do is learn you paid more than you could have if you had done your due diligence. Here is a final breakdown of each option:


Have you completed an inter island move in Hawaii? Which method did you choose, and how did it go?