Towing My Vehicle: Tow Dolly or Auto Transport?

Updated: 5/3/2017

I’m towing my vehicle during a move. What’s the difference between a tow dolly and an auto transport?

Dan S. Modesto, CA

Both the Tow Dolly and Auto Transport provide a way for you to tow your vehicle from point A to point B.  U-Haul provides both and you might be wondering which option is best for towing your particular vehicle.

Tow Dolly
Tow Dolly

The Tow Dolly is a two-wheel towing device that allows you to tow your vehicle with the front wheels strapped onto the dolly and the rear wheels on the ground.  This lightweight towing option makes hauling your vehicle easy behind your moving van or your own tow vehicle.  The tow dolly is designed for a quick, easy load and unload for most front-wheel-drive cars. Whether or not your vehicle can be towed on a U-Haul tow dolly is determined by several factors including the weight of your vehicle, the front to rear distribution of the weight, plus the length, width and ground clearance of the vehicle. Not to worry, you won’t need to be a math whiz to figure it out yourself. The measurements and calculations are done for you when you request a rate quote online, by phone or in person at a dealer. All you need to know is the year, make, model and trim package of your vehicle.

U-Haul Auto Transport
Auto Transport

The Auto Transport trailer is a four-wheel trailer that allows you to tow an entire vehicle on top of a trailer.  All four wheels of your vehicle are off the ground and the vehicle is strapped to the trailer.  This option is not only great for towing most sedans, coupes, and compact cars,  it’s a great option for heavier/larger vehicles because the maximum capacity for the U-Haul auto transport is 5,290lbs. This full auto transport trailer is the perfect choice for rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, and 4-wheel drive vehicles, as well as front-wheel drive vehicles when you want all four wheels off the road. You can rent an auto transport to tow your vehicle In-Town or one way. And at U-Haul, you are able to rent the towing equipment and tow it behind a U-Haul truck OR your own qualifying tow vehicle. Simply enter both vehicles’ information and find out if your combination is recommended by clicking on this link

Which tow equipment have you used to transport your vehicle?  Please share below in the comments section.