Towing Preparation Made Easy

So, you have decided to rent a trailer to move your home. Your vehicle has a hitch, but are you ready to tow?

Do you know what your vehicle can tow?  Is it ready to tow?  How much can you tow? These are all important towing questions that you should have answered before moving day, but where do you start?  Well, if you have reserved a trailer, I suggest that you ask if you can schedule a towing safety inspection; some rental companies offer this as a free service.  When you don’t have the answers, it’s safest to hear the answers from professionals. The pre-tow inspection allows a professional to inspect your vehicle, hitch and wiring before the day of the rental.  This will save you time on the moving day and assure that you are ready to tow and proceed with your move.

UH-5692(U)CA02.1 hitch install
Pre-Tow Inspection

The towing safety inspection at U-Haul, for example, will assess the following:

  • The Towing Capacity of your Vehicle
  • Weight Rating of Hitch
  • Rating of Ball Mount/Drawbar
  • Ball Rating and Size
  • Wiring
  • Tire Pressure

When the inspection is complete, your hitch specialist will be able explain any towing issues that your vehicle may have and provide solutions.  The solution may be as simple as showing you the wiring adapter or a hitch ball you need, or explaining the your need for a transmission cooler.

It is always a good idea to read and review the towing section of the owner’s manual for your vehicle.  Besides tips, the manual may provide you with what your vehicle needs to tow effectively.  For instance, depending on the size of trailer you will be towing and the weight of your load, you may need a transmission cooler or tow mirrors for your move.

My goal is to make moving day as easy as possible.  Moving day will always be somewhat hectic, so utilizing the free pre-tow inspection before moving day not only helps you avoid any surprises, it makes moving day just that much easier.

How has a pre-tow inspection made your move easier?   Let us know in the comments below.