Unique U-Haul Truck Conversions

DIY U-Haul Truck Conversions
DIY U-Haul Truck Conversions

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the trucks and vans that retire from production at U-Haul?  If you’re like me, you may hope they all get to retire and hang out together in a small sleepy town and once or twice a year get cleaned up and put to work in the town parade or at the local farmers market.  While that does sound like a good start to a  Pixar movie, the reality is that these trucks and vans really are alive and kicking, though you might not recognize all of them as former U-Hauls.  While many are still being used for work and hauling outside of U-Haul, certain creative individuals have converted these trucks and vans into amazing and creative vehicles used for all kinds of purposes.

The conversion process can be a lot of work depending on what you plan on making but with a strong concept/goal, a little ingenuity, and teamwork, the sky is the limit for what you can create.  Thanks to U-Haul Truck Sales and their 1300 truck sales locations, you can find a variety of used U-Haul trucks, vans and pickups for whatever creative conversion you’re planning.  We scoured the U-Haul Archives as well as online to find the best U-Haul truck and van conversion ideas to get those creative juices flowing so you can start your own project and get them out there on the road.

DIY Motor home Conversion

Ahh, The great outdoors!  If you love camping and traveling and have always wanted a custom RV, think about converting your used U-Haul truck into an motor home.  Our friends at www.korduroy.tv live and breathe the DIY lifestyle and shared a story of one young couple who recently converted a 17′ U-Haul truck into a custom motor home and have been traveling in it across the US.  Large motor homes can be very expensive so making one from a U-Haul truck can be a great way to save a lot of money and make it your own.  And there is no doubt your custom U-Haul motor home will be the talk of the KOA campground!

truck conversions
Rolling with the Punches, a U-Haul truck conversion story by Natalie Jacobs courtesy of www.korduroy.tv
Michelle's Rollin Cafe truck conversions
Michelle’s Rollin Cafe

DIY Food Truck Conversions

Food trucks are in!  The number of food trucks or should I say “gourmet food trucks” are on the rise and gaining popularity in major cities and hipster neighborhoods across the US.  Converting a U-Haul into a Food Truck is no small task but if you have the know how, U-Haul trucks definitely have the space for that mobile kitchen of your dreams.

DIY Rock Concert on wheels Conversion

What aspiring rock star wouldn’t want their own mobile music venue/ rehearsal space they can set up just about anywhere and start rocking out?  Whether your neighbors complain to much about band practice noise, you’re band isn’t good enough to book a gig at a bar, or you want to throw your own outdoor concert, the rock concert on wheels conversion is for you.  This is one of the more out there ideas for a conversion but as you can see from the picture, it can be done and the end result is stunning.  Rock on Ace!

More Cowbell! truck conversions
More Cowbell!
mobile home truck conversions
Where’s the Wheels?

DIY Not So Mobile Home Conversion

I bet you’ve never thought about taking the cargo box off the truck and creating a unique little cottage, shed or play house out of it?  This is a creative way to re-purpose the cargo box if the U-Haul truck buyer plans on using the cab and chassis for something else.  It looks real cozy and the mom’s attic looks perfect for a little snooze.

There were many other custom U-haul truck and van conversions we came across including, rock crawlers, dump trucks, carnival rides and the infamous limo/truck hybrid that were both awesome and not so awesome creations.  I hope these unique U-Haul truck and van conversions have inspired you to come up with your own custom conversion idea and get started on a new project.  To find out what trucks and vans are for sale, visit U-Haul Truck Sales online or call 866-404-3055.  Have fun with the projects and please share photos and videos with us.

The Not So Awesome U-Haul Truck Conversions
The Not So Awesome U-Haul Truck Conversions

Can you think of any great U-haul truck or van conversion ideas we didn’t mention?  Please tell us below in the comments?