Moving without a License

Jan 13, 2014

moving help

Maybe it’s suspended, maybe you never got it or maybe you just lost it inconveniently right before your move. Whatever the reason is, don’t worry. Moving without a license is possible! So how do you move without actually driving? You hire helpers!  The Moving Helpers® will show up when and where you want them to assist in all your moving needs.

Here’s How:

1. Browse through the laborers online and find one whose services include driving.

2. Choose the helper online that you want to pick up your moving truck or cargo van and be the driver for the move.

3. If you have already made your moving truck or cargo van reservation, sit tight until moving day. When moving day arrives, call the center you’re picking your truck or cargo van up from and let them know the name of the helper picking up your vehicle.

4. If you haven’t made your moving truck or cargo van reservation, you can go online and authorize your moving helper to pick up your vehicle. (Just to confirm, call the center the day of your move and let them know who’s picking up your vehicle anyway.)

5. Once the driver arrives at the center, they will show ID and everything will be ready to go.

Here’s What Else Moving Helpers® can do:


After you’ve finished your move and no longer need your helpers. Simply hand them the payment code that was given to you when you signed up for Moving Help® and the rest is taken care of. Moving day doesn’t have to be complicated just because you don’t have a license. Just remember that you have people there to help and you can stay in complete control of your move.

How did you move without a license? Share your experiences below! 


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