Storage in Boston

Storage in BostonDo you need storage in Boston? Boston is a beautiful city with great culture, dining, history and wonderful schools and colleges. Boston is a great place to live, and as a result, most of the housing is going to be smaller and more expensive from the high demand. Having less space and less in-home storage is a trade off that many people are willing to make to live in the right part of town. Renting a storage unit in Boston can save you space and help you to live happily and clutter free.

Selecting the Right Storage

Location – Location is very important. You want to have quick access to a storage location, so it is easier for you to get to the items you are storing. U-Haul has self-storage locations across the Boston area, as well as nationally. You can find the closest location to you here.

Portable Storage – One of the advantages of living in Boston is that because of public transportation, not everyone needs to own a car. If you can’t bring the items that need to be stored to U-Haul, U-Haul can bring the storage to you. Portable moving and storage containers are a great option for storage in Boston. They can be delivered directly to your door. If you live in a large building, check with the building’s superintendent to see if there is a loading dock, or parking that you can reserve.

Heated Storage in BostonClimate Control – Many self-storage facilities have climate controlled units. If you have items that are sensitive to the heat or the cold, then you will definitely want climate control to ensure that they stay at a mild temperature. In U-Haul self-storage units that are climate controlled you can look for the prominently displayed thermometer to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

What to Store?

Seasonal Items – Your seasonal items are a great thing to store. You don’t need your Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations taking up space in your home year round. How about those big winter sweaters and bulky jackets? You probably won’t want to have them filling your closets in July when it is nice and warm outside. Instead why not box them up and put them in storage? When you store your seasonal items your home can be cleaner and more organized year round.

Keepsakes – Everyone has keepsakes and mementos that you could never get rid of, but probably don’t need around all the time. Whether it is that painting you inherited from Grandma that just doesn’t fit in your apartment right now, or the baby toys your child has outgrown. You don’t have to get rid of it, just put it into storage. Then you can take those items out and reminisce when you need to, but they are not in your way all the time.

Harvard Storage in BostonCollege Storage – With, Harvard, MIT, Boston University, to name a few, there are many excellent schools in Massachusetts. Living in the dorms is a great part of the college experience, but most dorms are not the most spacious.  U-Haul offers storage facilities convenient to most major schools, and also offers storage units in a size and price range suitable to college students. This post will provide more tips and help if you are moving to Boston to go to school.

Do you live in Boston? Will you be moving to the Boston area soon? Do you have any tips for storage in Boston?