Quick Unpacking Tips

Having moved many times and in many situations, only one thing has been a constant; the hassle of unpacking. It’s my least favorite thing to do and, based on how many people I’ve talked to who still have things in boxes years later, I’m not alone. With that little confession out of the way, I can confidently say that it has gotten better over the years. Here are my tips on how to make unpacking quick as possible.

Organize 155785919

The key to unpacking quickly, is packing well! Waiting to the last few days or minutes (yikes!) to pack is problematic. Sometimes this leads to going around your place throwing things in the boxes, which can make unpacking a nightmare. Organizing your belongings before putting them in boxes is always going to be your best bet for making sure you aren’t giving yourself extra work when unpacking at your new place. Think of this as your opportunity to go through all that stuff you were meaning to get to, but never did. Extra tip: While organizing make sure to throw out any trash and give away items that you don’t need or want anymore before you move.

Label your boxes

Labeling all your boxes makes sure you, or your Moving Helper, is able to place the box in the correct room and that when you unpack, you’re able to find all the important things. Try these tips:

  1. First, make sure you have a certain number of boxes for each room and keep them separate. Mixing your silverware with your bedding and toothbrushes can make things a bit complicated when you go to unpack.
  2. Second, number your boxes and write down the basic contents of each one, either on the box itself, or in a separate notebook. Having a reminder of what is in each box will help you find a place for everything when the time comes to unpack.
    Extra tip: Create an “Unpack First” box with all the things you need immediately. This may include a change of clothes, toilet paper, shower items, snacks, a first aid kit, tools needed to reassemble furniture, and a towel.

Be Efficient with Time

An example of what not to do - Don't sit in your box while you still have more to unpack.
An example of what not to do – Don’t sit in your box while you still have more to unpack.

Living out of boxes makes it difficult to make your new place feel like home. Unpack efficiently by opening one or two boxes at a time and finding a place for all the contents in them. Extra tip: I know sometimes it’s also very easy to get caught up in reminiscing about each item as you take it out of the box. When pulling out old pictures or a favorite stuffed animal you haven’t seen for a while, it can be tempting to spend some extra time with the items before putting them away. If you’re this kind of person (which I am), make sure to account for it by allowing yourself a bit more time to devote to unpacking.

Get Help from the Pros

If you’re like me and, after reading all these tips, don’t feel motivated at all to start this very time consuming activity of packing and unpacking, I have great news for you: you don’t have to! Let the professionals handle it. Many Moving Helpers offer the packing and unpacking service and would love to do it for you.

Are there any great tips that I missed? Leave a comment below and let me know.