Moving to the Arizona State University Downtown Campus

ASU Downtown Phoenix CampusReady to move to the desert and attend the largest university in the nation where you’ll join tens of thousands of other students as a part of the Sun Devil family? Welcome to Arizona State University (called ASU for short)! Put up your pitchforks and chant A-S-U with Sparky!

At ASU, your major will send you to one of four campuses located throughout the Valley of the Sun. If you’re sent to the Downtown Phoenix campus, then you’re about to start an urban life in the heart of Phoenix surrounded by parks, skyscrapers and plenty of cultural experiences like art galleries, restaurants and the constant sounds of a lively city.

ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus BuildingsSmall Campus Perks

Being on the Downtown Phoenix campus means you’ll join one of ASU’s smallest communities, but that makes it easier to get to know everyone in your classes, halls and on campus. It’s a great location where you won’t have to wake up an hour early just to make sure you make it to class on time! There are about seven school buildings immediately around the dorms, and then a separate block of buildings across a shopping mall that expand it even more. Additions are underway to create even more school buildings on the downtown campus, meaning it’s about to get a little bigger.

Moving To A Downtown City

Because you’ll be moving onto the Downtown Phoenix ASU campus, you won’t have to worry about running into the other tens of thousands of students who are moving into the main Tempe campus; instead, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with just a few thousand individuals. But move-in day is not to cause you any stress, because ASU has a team of staff members who assist those moving into Taylor Place (called TP for short), the only housing option for those living on-campus in Downtown Phoenix. ASU calls this Fall Welcome, which includes a variety of fun activities for students and parents ASU Taylor Place Dorms Downtown Phoenixto get to know the campus, traditions and each other. They’ll guide parents and students on where to park their moving truck as well as which direction to go in to find their dorm room. Taylor Place however only has four elevators for its two towers, which means you’ll want to come prepared on move-in day. Make sure you complete your pre-check-in duties online and have helpers who will help you pack everything into the truck, unpack it and haul it up to your designated floor and room. Because ASU has so many students coming in from different parts of the state, try to rent a truck that is close to your parent’s home so you can have a wide selection of equipment without running into too much student traffic.

Fall (More Like Summer) Move-In Tips

If you’re coming from out-of-state, then you may be surprised to learn about the weather in August in Phoenix (and if you’re from the Valley, then you know it all too well). Although it’s called “Fall Welcome” it’ll feel more like summer with temperatures in the high 100’s. Take Arizona’s harsh heat as a sign that you should look for easier ways to move into one of ASU’s residence halls. You’ll be spending hours under the hot sun, so packing up your belongings ASU Collegeboxes Downtown Phoenixat home, having someone pick them up and delivered to your dorm room by the time you show up to move in is a far better option than sweating it up in the heat. Collegeboxes offers that service to ASU students (including those in Downtown Phoenix).

For even more helpful information, check out ASU’s move-in frequently asked questions. Want even more college tips? We’ve got more helpful posts for students!

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Are you a student at ASU? Did you attend the Downtown Phoenix campus? How was your experience living in TP? Tell us in the comments below, and share your tips with incoming students too!