Finding A Job In A New City

The excitement of moving into a new city is packed with to-do lists of moving trucks, movers and boxes. But once you’ve settled into your new home it’s time to fire up your computer and start searching for jobs.  Here’s how to launch a successful employment campaign and get hired!

Looking for a jobSetting Up

It’s best to move to a city when you’ve already made contact with a few employers, however, if you haven’t made any or much contact yet that’s alright. Your first step is setting up your home address, car (if you don’t own a vehicle, make sure you look into sharing a car so you can get to your interview on time!), Internet connection, computer, phone service, and your resume. These are essentials to have set up and ready to use so companies can contact you.

Research, Research, (And More) Research

Begin your search by publicly announcing your job search on online networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Follow these organizations on their social media sites, and look for updated messages about job opportunities. Send messages to those who work where you want to work, and reach out to classmates and friends. You never know who will have a connection with a company or organization you’re looking at, so join your alumni network. Use your local newspaper’s online job search, as well as community posting sites like Craigslist; be on the search for job fairs in the city too. Don’t be afraid to take your search away from your computer by driving or walking around your city and looking for “hiring” signs. Take notes on the names of companies and later check on their websites too.

 Look For Jobs Outside The 9-5 Schedule

Maybe you need to think outside the box and outside of conventional ideas. If you’re waiting to land your ideal and Looking for a jobperfect job, odds are you’ll need some form of income while you wait. In the meantime, if you can freelance your services (photographer, writer, graphic designer, programmer, etc.) make sure to set up your pages and reach out to those who may be in need of your services. A move to a new city may be the perfect time to launch your own company, so push yourself to do so. Also, look for work-from-home opportunities as a representative for a company; look for seasonal employment in different departments whether it’s working in retail, graphic work, tax companies, floral shops, or others.

Don’t forget that someone you could be walking next to could have the perfect connection to help you land your dream job, so talk to strangers and strike up friendly conversations (if you need some help, here’s how to meet people in your new city).

Did you move to a new city and look for a job? How quickly did you land one? What were your methods for finding a job in a new city? Share your suggestions in the comments below!