How to Drop Off Equipment After Hours

Updated 4/16/19

Need to drop off rental equipment at U-Haul after or before hours? No problem! Truck Share 24/7 is available to customers who are either returning rental vehicles after business hours or want to return the rental online during regular business hours without the help of a U-Haul location’s customer service representative. Read the steps below to properly return your equipment:

The process is simple and only requires that you have a mobile device with internet access.

  1. Once you arrive at the U-Haul center, sign into your U-Haul account.
  2. Select the “Return My Truck” icon.
  3. Next, the screen will tell you where you should be parked. If you are not in the right area, please move your vehicle to where it should be. Make sure you don’t block any entrances or exits.
  4. Enter the vehicle’s mileage into the odometer field and upload an image of the vehicle’s odometer.
  5. Specify how much fuel is in the vehicle and upload a photo of the fuel gauge reading. (You might need to have the truck key in the “ON” position to see this.)
  6. Upload a couple of photos of the van bed and inside the cab that display the cleanliness and condition in which you’re returning the rental vehicle.
  7. Identify if there is any new damage to the rental vehicle. If you say there is new damage, you will need to upload photos of the damage.
  8. Answer a few questions about the condition of the rental vehicle. For example, did you have any braking problems or electrical problems with the rental?
  9. Upload a photo that displays where the rental vehicle is parked. (Disclaimer: If you leave the rental vehicle parked on the street and the city issues a parking violation, you will be billed for both the ticket and a $30 service fee.)
  10. Review the pending charges then select your form of payment. After that is complete, tap the ‘Complete Truck Return’ icon and lock up your truck.
  11. Drop your key in the key drop box or slot and your truck return is complete.

Before you leave your rental vehicle behind remember to:

  • Take all your belongings with you.
  • Secure all additional rental equipment inside the cab, in the truck, or trailer van box.
  • Place the Safemove/Non-Safemove validation tag and truck key in the correct key drop box. (Disclaimer: A $50 charge will be added if the trucks keys are not left in the key drop box.)

After completing the after-hours drop off process, you will receive an email receipt detailing your final charges.

During the next business day, U-Haul will verify the information you provided. If inconsistencies in mileage, fuel reading and/or damages are found, U-Haul will assess additional fees.

With Truck Share 24/7, you can own your move by returning and picking up your rental on your schedule. It’s that simple!