Tips for Towing a U-Box Trailer

U-Box portable storage is already the most versatile option for your move. One of the many advantages over other systems is the ability to tow a U-Box container home with you the moment you’re ready to begin – no waiting for the delivery truck, no hassle of wasted time or planning. If you’ve got a hitch on your car or truck, you’re ready to go! However, before you hit the road, we’ve got some simple tips for towing a U-Box trailer.

When Towing a U-Box Trailer:

  • As with all trailers, the most important part of the vehicle is YOU. Towing any trailer requires the full attention of the driver. Wear your seat belt. Slow down. Allow plenty of space between vehicles in front of you. These simple measures will ensure a safe drive, no matter what you’re driving or towing.
  • Any trailer will add weight, length, width, or height to your vehicle, so it’s important to always be aware of this and adjust your driving to allow adequate room when maneuvering. This is especially true with the additional height of a U-Box trailer, so watch those tree limbs and overhangs!
  • Adjust your side mirrors to allow you to see around the trailer. The U-Box will completely block use of your rear-view mirror, so using your side mirrors will become critical to see vehicles and objects that are alongside or behind you.

towing a u-boxOnce you’re home, loading a U-Box container is easy due to the large door, wide ramp, and tall interior, but some additional care must be taken before hitting the road again.

When Loading a U-Box Container:

  • Be sure to load heavy items first, keeping them low and evenly-spaced inside the box. Unlike most other trailers where you must load heavier items in the front, the U-Box trailer is specially designed to tow cargo that is evenly-distributed. Keeping the weight low in the trailer keeps the trailer stable, so use a “tier” method to load heavy items, followed by lighter and lighter items as you fill the U-Box.
  • Pack the U-Box container so that there is no open spaces to prevent cargo from moving around. Fill gaps using pillows, cushions, bags, or furniture pads to prevent damage. If you have a partially-filled box, secure your items using the tie-downs located inside on the sidewalls.
  • Keeping the trailer connected to the tow vehicle makes for a secure base to load, but if you have the trailer reserved for a longer period and need to uncouple and use your car or truck, lower the rear stabilizers and fasten them using the pins, release the ball clamp and disconnect the safety chains and wiring, then raise the trailer tongue using the jack until clear of the hitchball and the rear stabilizers firmly contact the ground.
  • Reconnect the U-Box trailer by reversing the steps above, or following the user’s instructions provided on your rental contract or printed on both trailer fenders. Be sure the ball clamp is secure, safety chains and wiring are connected, all lights work, and rear stabilizers are raised.
  • Check that the yellow ratchet-strap that goes up and over the U-Box container is secure by raising the handle and rotating/tensioning the ratchet mechanism.

If you follow these few, common sense tips, I’m sure you’ll have a worry-free and convenient move towing a U-Box trailer.

If you have any questions or want to tell us your U-Box trailer story, feel free to drop a line in the comments below!