Relocating for a Job

So you’ve decided to relocate for a job? Whether you’ve been hired for a completely new job or changing positions within your company, relocating means packing up your life and hitting the road. Before you start your move, there are some things to take into account.

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, start going through your belongings.


Make sure to bring anything that is crucial to your job or might help you in your new location. If you’re moving across the country, you might not want to bring that old couch sitting in your living room. Host a yard sale if you have time. In all likelihood, there are plenty of things sitting around that you’ve been needing to toss anyways — a yard sale is a great way to make some money for yourself in the process.

Rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it within a year or it can easily be replaced in your new location — get rid of it.

Alternative Forms of Transportation

Relocate for a Job - driving

Based on size of your load and how far you’re traveling, how are you getting there?

You can think outside the box!  U-Box containers offer a great alternative to a traditional truck move. Before your move, you can load up your items into a portable storage container, opt to have it stored locally until you’re ready to have it shipped to your new city or have it shipped to your new city and stored their until your ready to have it delivered to your new home.

Make the most of your move. Now that you’ve made the decision to relocate, have some fun in the process. Stop places along the way if you get the chance, explore your new home, and embrace the changes ahead of you with your career.

Here are some options for relocating your whole business.