How to Pack and Store Comic Books

After years of dedicating time and money to your beautiful collection of comic books, it hits you… Where are you supposed to store them?  Regardless of if you’re in the process of a move or simply that your addiction has gotten a little out of hand, one thing is clear — it’s time to get your comic book stash organized.

Packing your Comic Books

*Before you start anything else, make sure your hands are clean – Any oils or dirt on your handsHow to Pack and Store Comic Books could ruin your precious comic books

1) Comic books are fragile – place each comic book in a protective sleeve. Make sure to include a backing board to prevent any bending – Cardboard works just fine.

  • 3-ring sleeves are available if you wish to store your comic books in a binding
  • If you want to keep your collection on a book shelf, consider investing in binding

2) Organize your comic books in your preferred style: alphabetically, author, genre, etc.

3) Place in a  dry cardboard boxstorage container, or filing cabinet

If any of your comic books are slightly worn or wrinkled, consider pressing them before packing them. This can be done professionally or simply by stacking some heavy items like dictionaries on your comics.

At Home Storage

Once you’ve gotten your comic books organized, take into account how much space your containers will take up. Comic books need to be kept at a temperature below 70 degrees F, in less than 50%  relative humidity, and in areas without sunlight in order to prevent fading or other such damages — An ideal location would be an empty closet.

Off-Site Storage

Storing your comic books off-site is probably your safest bet with climate control options. With this, you will have 24 hour access so you can visit your beloved comics whenever you wish while still keeping them fully protected. This also allows you to keep your home completely clutter free.

Do you love to collect comic books? Have you used any of these organization or storage tips? Share your stories below!