The Best Trailers for Camping

Find the best trailers to take camping

Camping is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, but anyone who has been camping before knows you spend hours packing.  Sometimes you have to bring everything you will need for an entire week depending on where you are camping and the proximity to stores.  This means that you may not have room to fit everything you will need in your car.  Trailers will help you fit everything you need to bring on your trip.  Below you will find information on the best trailers for camping based on your needs.

Trailer Camping Do’s

  • Trailers are usually allowed at campsites (Check with your campsite beforehand)
  • Trailers can be used on dirt roads
  • Trailers will carry most of your camping needs like gear, groceries, luggage, ATVs, motorcycles
  • Vehicles can be towed behind your motorhome (RV) to give you the convenience of having a smaller vehicle to drive around once you reach your destination.
  • Make sure your vehicle and hitch can tow the trailer you need about two weeks before your trip.

Trailer Camping Don’ts

  • Not equipped or safe to tow while boulder climbing, sand duning or mud bogging

The Best Trailers for Camping

Trailer Safety Rules

  • Keep in mind that the heaviest items should go in the trailer first, following the 60/40 rule.  If you are going camping and plan on bringing back a Christmas tree or firewood, remember how heavy these items are and ensure you load them in the front of the trailer and don’t exceed the load line.
  • Do not allow the safety chains to drag as they may spark and start a fire.
  • Always read the users guide and read all safety decals on the trailer to ensure you are operating the trailer properly.
  • Load heavier in front, drive slower than normal and wear your seatbelt.

Best Trailers for Hauling your ATV, Motorcycle or other Toys Camping

5×9 Utility Trailer with Ramp: Equipped with heavy-duty tie-down rings to secure the heaviest bikes or other recreational vehicles.  They also have an EZ-loading ramp to make loading and unloading your camping toys and gear a snap!  Most 5×9 trailers also have a built-in motorcycle choke to assist in traveling with your motorcycle.
Motorcycle Trailer Rental: All trailers are equipped with heavy-duty tie-down rings and built-in motorcycle chock to secure the heaviest motorcycles.  This rental must be returned to the original location.

The Best Trailers for Camping

Best Trailers for Family Camping

4×8 Cargo Trailer: This is great to use when you are running out of space in your car.  This trailer can tow sporting goods, hiking gear, and other needed camping items.  It is fuel efficient and easy to tow. It can make your small or midsize car feel like an SUV.
Another family favorite is the 5×8 trailer. This is perfect for the larger items or extra space for the overfill items that do not fit in your car.  All cargo trailers also make a good hideout for your belongings during a rainstorm while camping.

The Best Trailers for Camping

Best Trailers for Group Camping

6×12 Cargo: This trailer has more space than the trailers above, giving groups like girl scout or boy scout troops more space to hold all needed luggage and camping gear or recreational items like outdoor games.
6×12 Utility Trailer: This trailer gives you easy access to all your gear and has heavy-duty tie downs for dirt bikes or a quad.

The Best Trailers for Camping

Best Trailers for Traveling with an RV and your Vehicle

Tow Dolly or Auto Transport: If you are driving your RV on a camping trip, but would also like the convenience of having a small vehicle to use once you set up your campsite, then the Tow Dolly or the Auto Transport are perfect for you.  Both are durable, secure and good for long drives.

The Best Trailers for Camping

To view the full infographic click here.  Trailers can really make packing for a camp trip much easier!  Reserve a trailer.