Relocation Lessons From the Little Mermaid

Employee relocation is a situation often faced by businesses. Why not be prepared? Monster, the job search website, performed a survey and found that 78% of employees are willing to relocate for their dream job, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest thing. That being said, providing a stress-free transition for a new employee or a relocating employee is an essential endeavor for any business that wants to keep their employees excited and productive as quickly as possible in their new positions. No one knows transition quite like Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Your employees most likely aren’t going from sea to land but the relocation lessons are universal.

21269682619_74a44d6c07_z (1)Know the area

Prepare some information for your employee that is relocating so they feel comfortable in their new city. As a business, point your employees in the right direction so they get the information they need. Whether they are relocating to Orlando, Florida or San Diego, California, they are going to need to find a neighborhood to live in and some cool places to hang out on the weekends. Providing information is helpful, you wouldn’t want them to end up misinformed like Ariel using a “dinglehopper” incorrectly at a formal dinner.

Provide a relocation package

If you have a corporate account with U-Haul then you are on your way to providing your employees with the best relocation packages available. As the business, you have the option to set the dollar amount your employees can utilize for their move. This gives your employees the freedom to choose the right items to assist with their move. If Ariel had the proper relocation package she could have saved herself some heartbreak while transitioning to Prince Eric’s castle.

Moving Equipment

Don’t let your employees stress over how they will get to their new location. Providing a relocation package allows your employees to search for the perfect moving truck or trailer that fits their needs. Ariel couldn’t get to Prince Eric’s castle on a tail fin so she had to seek out her own way to get there. Ariel had to make sacrifices in order to move, but if you provide a relocation package that should not happen to your employees.

14049816027_dc3009de16_zMoving Help

Moving Help will load and unload your employees’ belongings so they can save their energy for the office. Allow your employees to select from a list of local moving labor in order to make sure their items are loaded and unloaded safely. If Ariel selected to use Moving Help as part of her relocation package she could have avoided King Triton breaking all her items.

Explain the details

Relocation contracts can be full of legal jargon, and that is scary to those that do not know the terms. Employees should be confident, not scared, to sign their relocation contracts. Take the time to explain the details and allow your new employee to ask questions. Don’t leave the employee guessing. Ariel could have used a trustworthy source before she signed her contract.

Make them feel welcome

Your new employee is happy to be starting a new career, so make sure you let them know you are excited too. I’m not suggesting you put on a crab suit and do a dance number but a little fanfare will make them feel welcomed. Set up their desk with a welcome sign or provide some first day doughnuts for everyone.

Remember, relocating can be a stressful time for your employees. Make it as seamless as possible by providing them with the right relocation package. U-Haul can help you provide a solid foundation for an employee that is willing to take such a huge step on their new legs for a great opportunity. After all, you wouldn’t want them to Flounder.

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Have you relocated an employee? What advice do you have for those considering relocating their employees? Let us know in the comments section below!