How to Use Your Bike Rack All Year Long

Any kind of bike rack purchase can be a difficult one. Between cost, features, and quality, there is a lot to choose from. However, whatever choice you do make don’t fret because a bike rack is a purchase that can be utilized with family and friends all year long!

Thule Bike Rack


In the springtime, the earth warms up, the sun shines, and the birds chirp. You know what that means! It’s time to break out the new bike tires and go for a trail ride. Bike racks are perfect for bringing your bike to the local park or neighborhood. In fact, many communities have bike-friendly trails that you can park and ride to. Eventually, the U.S. Bicycle Route System will have built the largest official cycling route network in the world.

Summer Summer

Summer comes and the world is your oyster! Biking can be something you enjoy on the boardwalk or as your main source of transportation. Some bike racks are sturdy enough to hold a larger beach bike for those lazy riding days. Check out the Saris Freedom 4 bike rack for the ability to carry just about any style of bike. Spend more time riding in the sunshine, and less time loading and unloading in the parking lot.


Drive the open road to your nearest wooded area, and you will soon hear the leaves crunch under your pedals as you bike around a quiet forest trail. Or, bike in and out of the pumpkin patch or apple orchard! No need to worry if the car will hold family, friends, bikes, and pumpkins because you’ll have your trusty bike rack to secure your valuable bikes to.


Winter is coming, which means it’s time to store the bikes and dust off the ole’ snowboards and skis! Don’t bother storing away your bike rack because it has one handy use this winter – purchase a hitch mounted ski carrier for all your heavy snow equipment. The Thule hitch mounted ski/snowboard carrier is ideal for carrying that bothersome snow gear. This handy accessory fits on any of the following bike rack models: Thule Hitch or Spare Tire Carrier model 963PRO, 9031,9030, 9029,9028, 9027, 9026, 9025, 956, 957, or 958.

Have any other uses for a bike rack all year long? Share with us in the comments below!