Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning Tips

As the chill of winter changes into the bloom of Spring, one thing comes to mind– spring cleaning. The satisfaction of your annual deep cleaning comes after your work is complete, but there are supplies that can make uncluttering more pleasant.

Clothing Solutions

Winter coats and thermals are now a thing of the past– well until the end of the year. There is no need for these bulky items to dominate closet space. Swap out the old for the new with some storage solutions. They can be used every season as you can store away out of season clothes for your new seasonal wardrobe.

Spring Cleaning TipsSpace Bags

Ranging in sizes, space bags can reduce the amount of space an item occupies by up to 75%. All you have to do is place your item inside the bag, seal it, and use a vacuum to suck the air out of the bag. Use these for your big, bulky items to only use a fraction of space the item normally occupies.

Spring Cleaning TipsLaydown Wardrobe Box

After you clean the dust bunnies from under your bed, put this space to use for storage! With the laydown wardrobe box, you can store clothes straight from your closet into the box. This heavy duty box withholds up to 65 pounds of your seasonal goods. It is wide enough to fit hangers, so when Winter comes back around hang your items directly from the box to the closet.

Spring Cleaning TipsShoe Organizer

The shoe organizer also utilizes the commonly unused space underneath your bed. This compact and convenient organizer will allow you to arrange your shoes neatly. The shoe organizer can use used for a transportation method as well if you intend to move shoes! Take them from your moving truck and slide them right into place under your bed.

Spring Cleaning TipsClear Shoeboxes

For shoes that you regularly wear, invest in clear shoeboxes to bring organization to your closet and safety to your shoes. These long-lasting shoe boxes prevent scratches and dust, and the clear format allows you to choose exactly which pair you want to wear for the day. They stack perfectly together so you can save space in your closet.

Storage Solutions

Now that you have organized and swapped out your seasonal clothes, it is time to tackle your bulkier items. Thick, plush comforters and blankets keep us warm during the winter months but the change in temperature brings the need to store these. Here are some storage solutions below:

Spring cleaning TipsStorage Container

Clear plastic containers are the ideal solution for storing away a variety of items, ranging from blankets to figurines. They come in different sizes to meet your needs– 15 quart, 66 quart, and 110 quart. The flawless design allows safe stacking to take up less space in linen closets, garages, storage units, and more.

Spring cleaning TipsTravel/ Luggage Box

If you are planning to travel and do not want to invest in expensive luggage, then the travel box is perfect for you. This box can be used in many ways including shipping, moving, packing, and storage. It can hold up to 60 lbs of items and has a handle for easy handling.

Organize Documents

Spring cleaning is not only deep cleaning but the organization as well. The spring season is the best time of the year to get all your documents systematized and in order. In midst of tax season and traveling to occur, the organization is key! Here are some solutions to organizing personal or business records:

Spring Cleaning Tips File Box

If you are looking for one place to hold your files then look no further than the file box. It is specifically designed for business or personal records and can hold letter or legal size folders. The lid is included, so close and stores away when you are complete!

Spring Cleaning TipsLetter Tote Box/ Legal Tote Box

If you are looking to categorize even more than there are more options for you. The letter tote box and the legal tote box are both designed for file holding and storage. the letter tote box will hold up to one file drawer of letter size papers and the legal tote box will hold up to one file drawer of legal-sized papers. Both hold up to 65 pounds worth of documents.

Have you tried any of the organization and storage solutions listed? Comment in the section below and tell us your experience!