Safely Store, Transport & Dispose Propane Tanks

Propane tanks can be dangerous if not properly taken care of. Propane tanks hold pressurized gas and can cause injury and even death if they explode. It is very important you understand how to safely store, transport and dispose of propane tanks to keep yourself and others safe.

Safely Store Your Propane Tank


So you’ve bought a propane tank for your favorite grill, but what should you do with it when the grill is not in use? If you store the grill outside, keep the propane tank connected, but ensure the tank is turned off. If you store the grill inside, turn off and remove the propane tank. Then store the tank outside in a well-ventilated area. Ensure the tank is away from dryer and furnace vents. Always check your tank, valves, and connector hose for leaks. Checking for leaks is easy. Use a spray bottle filled with non-abrasive soap. Spray the mixture on the tank and around valves. If you see bubbles, there is a leak and you need to call your local fire department.

Key Storing Tips

  •  Do not store propane tanks inside. Not even inside a garage or shed
  • Make sure the tank is shut off and well ventilated
  • Check for leaks
  • Do not cover the propane tank

Safely Transport Your Propane Tank


When it’s time to refill your propane tank there are correct ways to transport the tank to your local refill station. Make sure you keep the cylinder in an upright, secured position. The best want to do this is by securing it inside a tank foot or EZGO® Propane Tank Holder and Stabilizer. Propane is highly flammable, do not smoke while transporting propane. Once you arrive back to your destination, make sure to remove the propane tank from the vehicle. Propane tanks should never be left inside a vehicle.

Key Transportation Tips

  • Make sure the tank is turned off
  • Keep the tank upright and secure
  • Do not smoke while transporting propane
  • Never leave propane tanks inside a vehicle

 Safely Dispose of Your Propane Tank


Whenever possible, buy refillable propane cylinders and avoid the need to dispose of tanks frequently. If you do find yourself needing to dispose of your propane tank make sure to take safety precautions. Never throw your tank away with your household trash. Often, it is difficult to remove all gas from the propane tank. Discarding it with your household trash can cause an explosion when compressed in a garbage truck. What you can do is recycle old propane tanks. Recycling is great because tanks have a steel body and copper valves. Please do not remove these items yourself, leave that to the professionals. If you are not sure where to recycle your propane tank call your local fire department.

Key Disposal Tips

  • Do not discard with household trash
  • MAke sure the tank is completely empty
  • Recycle!
  • When able, purchase refillable propane cylinders

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