How to Set Up a Work from Home Office

work from homeMore than three million American employees work from home at least part-time, according to Global Workplace Analytics. These workers compose nearly three percent of today’s workforce; increasing 103% since 2005. With so many employees telecommuting—at least—part-time, creating a dedicated workspace that is, both, functional and inspirational is ideal.

U-Haul provides many work from home opportunities throughout the United States and Canada. Positions can be full-time, part-time or even just a few hours per week and include titles such as Storage Sales Representative, Reservations Agent, and Hitch Central Agent.

If you’re one of the many home-based employees—or feel that work from the job would fit your lifestyle—here are some tips on how to set up a work from home office.

Maximize the Space

As a professional, it is important that your workspace be a separate entity from your living space. This will help keep you focused on your work. You can use a spare room, den, basement or garage to set up your office. Make sure that the area you choose is quiet, as many work from home jobs require you to be on the phone with clients or call in for conference meetings.

To save floor space, use an “L” shaped desk and a supportive chair. Additionally, you can invest in floating shelves or a built-in. Consider an accent wall painted with chalk paint. This will allow you to keep notes without cluttering down your desk with post-it notes. You can even get a little creative with your organizational skills and install towel racks with hanging baskets to store office supplies.

Make it Functional

To maximize your productivity, it’s ideal to have a clutter-free and functional space. Your office could easily get weighed down with all of the necessary equipment. Spring for an all-in-one printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine. For added functionality, make it a wireless one!

In lieu of a bulky landline phone, opt for a softphone your computer, a USB Headset or your cell phone.

You’re likely using a laptop or desktop computer. Add a wireless mouse to cut down on wires.

Speaking of wires, they tend to get in the way and they’re unsightly. Cover them up with a cord organizer or protector. You can even use inexpensive zip ties to bundle them together.

Other organizational must-haves include:

  • Filing cabinet and labels
  • Manila folders and hanging folders
  • Pen holder
  • Paper clip/pushpin holder
  • Document holder
  • Garbage can
  • Business card holder
  • Dry Erase and/or cork board

Be Inspired

Like any job, there can be moments where you lose focus on the task at hand. Including personal touches can help keep you motivated and invested in your work. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you:

Let there be light! Allow natural light to flow in and soak up some Vitamin D.
Go green! Adding live vegetation adds some fresh hair to space.
Give your back a break! Using a desk that can transition from sitting to standing will allow you to stretch and re-energize.
Choose a soothing color scheme! Colors such as purple, blue-gray and aqua are known to calm the senses.
Motivational art! Adding some wall or desk art with strong and inspiring messages can give you that little boost amidst the lull of the day. Creating a framed Vision Board that will remind you of all of the reasons you’re working so hard.
Make it personal! Add photos of family and friends or include decorative touches that reflect your interests outside of work.
Have a caffeine boost! Dedicate a space for a coffeemaker.

If you’re interested in one of U-Haul’s many job opportunities, you can view our openings here!