Why Should I Choose U-Haul As My Hitch Installer?

The benefits of having a trailer hitch installed on your vehicle are seemingly endless. Having a hitch enables your vehicle’s capabilities for towing, transporting sporting equipment and much more. As it comes time to schedule your hitch installation, you’re likely wondering what makes a U-Haul hitch installation different from anyone else’s. Here’s why you should choose U-Haul as your hitch installer as opposed to one of the other guys:

Why Should I Choose U-Haul As My Hitch Installer?

Same Day Installs

If you’re anything like me, it’s often hard to find time for errands. When the free time does arise, sometimes you aren’t expecting it and are unable to plan ahead. Thankfully, U-Haul accommodates for that. U-Haul has over 1,800 stores in North America as well as 30+ warehouse locations where you can get your hitch installed. Additionally, U-Haul stores are open 7 days a week. With so many locations available every day, you can typically schedule an install as soon as the same day. You can even choose to simply walk-in for a hitch install when you find the time. Even so, I do recommend calling ahead or checking online to avoid waiting around.

  • Over 1,800 stores and 30+ warehouse locations across North America
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Walk-in appointments available

Purchase and Schedule Online

U-Haul is the only trailer hitch installer that allows you to purchase and schedule online. Simply fill out the year, make and model of your vehicle and you’re on your way to the perfect hitch. Once your car’s details have been filled out, you can pick a U-Haul hitch installer based on customer reviews and store location. U-Haul will add the trailer hitch designed for your car as well as some other recommended hitch accessories to your cart that you can choose to add to or remove items from. Now, simply verify your cart items, schedule a date that works for you and pay online. Easy and done. No need to worry about payment or anything later on in the process. Other hitch installers require you to pay in-person with the installation and may adjust prices at this later time.

  • Quick and easy online reservation process

Why Should I Choose U-Haul As My Hitch Installer?

U-Haul’s Industry Exclusive Warranties

When you choose U-Haul as your trailer hitch installer, you have the option of adding guarantee replacement on your hitch and/ or a trailer wiring service plan. For the small price of $5, the guarantee replacement plan gives your hitch exactly what it sounds like — guaranteed replacement, for life, with no limitations. This means that any damage, including collision, corrosion, accidental overload, jackknifing and even vehicle theft is all covered. Just think about how great a deal $5 is for a lifetime unlimited warranty. Warranty claims include labor for removal and re-installation of the part.  No hitch manufacturer or installer in North America offers comprehensive coverage quite like this! If you purchase and install new towing wiring, a wiring service plan is available for a small $10 fee and offers a 2-year warranty on your wiring to ensure your lights and brakes are always in proper order when towing.

  • Lifetime unlimited hitch warranty available
  • Wiring service plan available

We Beat Any Price

A U-Haul hitch install is always priced lower than vehicle dealer parts and labor. U-Haul will also adjust labor or parts to beat any competitor pricing. Additionally, U-Haul offers a few bonus discounts. If you purchase a bike rack alongside your hitch installation you receive a $10 discount. U-Haul carries all major bike rack brands so if you are installing your hitch for this outdoorsy purpose, the combo is a great deal. Because U-Haul has custom hitches for all major vehicles available within the United States and Canada, no matter what you drive, U-Haul has a hitch for you at the best price possible.

  • $10 discount with bike rack purchase
  • Labor or part adjustments to beat competitor prices

Why Should I Choose U-Haul As My Hitch Installer?

Large, Comfortable Facilities

If you’re concerned that your large RV or food truck won’t be able to fit in a U-Haul hitch bay, you can rest assured that it will be just fine. At each one of U-Haul’s thousands of hitch installation locations, bays are large enough to fit any size truck, RV or other vehicles. Additionally, if you need to hang around for a bit while U-Haul Hitch Professionals are working on upgrading your car, there are comfortable chairs, vending machines, and restrooms inside the showroom at each U-Haul store. The time waiting for your installation to be completed also provides you with some time to peruse the hitch accessories available that you may want to add-on.

  • Large hitch bays fit any sized truck, RV or vehicle
  • Comfortable waiting area

Why Should I Choose U-Haul As My Hitch Installer?

Custom-Made Hitches

Rather than installing a generic hitch, U-Haul will install a custom-made hitch specific to your vehicle. With this, U-Haul will always install the best available hitch for your vehicle. This is crucial because your hitch system is only as strong as its lowest rated component. U-Haul installs for all major vehicle manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada and knows exactly which hitch you need based on the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Most hitches are attached using existing bolt holes with the nuts and bolts already equipped. When you choose U-Haul as your trailer hitch installer, a U-Haul Hitch Professional will give your vehicle a thorough evaluation. If your vehicle does not already have the needed attachment points, the Hitch Professional will use their patented tools to create new ones. If they find that components of your vehicle are in the way of a hitch attachment point, these parts will be temporarily disconnected and reinstalled after your hitch has been installed. In this scenario, the U-Haul Hitch Professional working on your vehicle will communicate this to you early on to avoid any concerns.

  • Custom-made hitches for all major vehicle manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Installations go through a customized process based on your vehicle and the hitch being installed
  • U-Haul will always install the best available hitch for your vehicle to maximize towing and carrying capabilities

Why Should I Choose U-Haul As My Hitch Installer?

Towing System Experts Since 1945

U-Haul has been the towing system expert since 1945. This means that U-Haul has had years of experience to test and understand what is needed to tow everything from the classic U-Haul trailer to now, even large RVs. With this, as the towing system experts, any additional hitch accessories or towing tools that you may need can all be found at your U-Haul store. This includes bike racks as you plan your perfect outdoor adventure, cargo carriers to transport your camping gear, weight distribution kits for more heavy duty towing, backup cameras to make keeping an eye on your trailer on moving day easier and even attachments to transport your wheelchair or motor scooter on the back of your vehicle! Whatever you need for your hitch, from installs to accessories, U-Haul has them all in one place.

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