When to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

Since its beginning in 1945, U-Haul has been at the forefront of innovation in the moving world. The latest installment in the historic line of products: plastic moving boxes. Meet Ready-To-Go Box℠:

Plastic Moving Boxes

What is Ready-To-Go Box℠?

U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box

With the perfect blend of convenience and reliability, Ready-To-Go Box℠ brings a new option to the table. The plastic moving box provides you with 2.4 cubic feet of packing space, which is large enough to fit your belongings, yet small enough to fit through the doorway.

Ready-To-Go Box℠ is not a retail item, but it is available to rent in multiple cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. With rentals available on a week-to-week basis, your plastic moving boxes are just a few clicks away.

When to Rent Ready-To-Go Box℠

When You Don’t Want Leftovers

When you rent a Ready-To-Go Box℠, it’s just that – a rental. That means that when you’re done unpacking your new home, you just return them, and they’re out of your way.

If you need more time than you originally planned, it’s no problem – just give us a call to extend your rental!

When Mother Nature Attacks

In a perfect world, the moving day forecast would be sunny and 75. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Depending on where you’re located, chances are you may see some precipitation on moving day. Because that’s how it always turns out, right?

Luckily, Ready-To-Go Box℠ is water-resistant. Surrounded by high-density polyethylene, your items will arrive at your destination safe and dry. When you rent a Ready-To-Go Box℠, nothing can rain on your parade, not even… rain.

When You’re Feeling Lazy

Plastic Moving Boxes

Moving requires energy, and unfortunately, your body may not always be up to the task. Plastic moving boxes, like Ready-To-Go Box℠, come pre-assembled! There is no need to purchase tape or box cutters either – the box comes with seal-able lids for your convenience.

If you’re all about saving as much time and energy as possible, then plastic moving boxes are your solution on moving day.

Feeling extra low on energy? Just hire Moving Help® Providers! These professional movers will show up on your schedule and do all the heavy lifting, which means more time to relax on moving day.

Ready-To-Go Box

When You Need Multiple Trips

Not the type to get it all done in one haul, or just don’t have space in your vehicle? Here are a few reasons why Ready-To-Go Box is right for you:

  • Stackability saves room in your vehicle
  • Ergonomic handles make it easy to carry back and forth
  • No resealing necessary after unpacking
  • Empty boxes can be nested within each other

Bonus Tip

U-Haul BoxesItems such as TVs, lamps, and mirrors are too large to fit in a Ready-To-Go Box℠, but U-Haul is one step ahead!

For items of larger size, consider purchasing specialty corrugated boxes, optimally designed for the safe transport of your belongings.

Do you have any experience with Ready-To-Go Box℠? Share your feedback in the comments section below!