5 Tips to Survive College Move Out

College move out can seem overwhelming with finals, leaving your friends, and the excitement of summer break. Your last few weeks of the semester are meant to be enjoyed while making memories with friends and acing those finals. So, read on to hear our 5 tips to survive college move out.College Move Out

Plan Ahead

Similar to many things in life, college move out will be a much smoother process if planned in advance. It is important to know what you have room to take home with you, what should be thrown away or donated, and how you are going to tackle packing it up. Our Collegeboxes have the solution to all of this planning; we’ll ship the boxes to you and pick them up. We already have a college move out timeline made for you already. Make your Collegeboxes reservation early here to ensure you get your preferred pick up date.

Be Organized

If you planned ahead, the organization part should come easily. Whether you’re driving or flying home for summer break, chances are you have things you can’t or don’t want to take with you. That’s where Collegeboxes can help! As the #1 student storage and shipping provider in the country, they are here to make your college move out process a breeze. They’ll supply you with the boxes and packing supplies, and you just decide whether you want your stuff stored until next semester or shipped home. Check out this blog post for tips on what to store vs. take home for college break.

Pro Tip: Have a bike, futon, TV, or other large item? Collegeboxes can store those too.

Follow Instructions

Most schools have specific instructions for the college move out process. It is important that you follow these to avoid any damage or late fees. After all, you’ll need that money for your summer adventures.

Ask For Help

If you’ve left it all to the last minute and are feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. Our Collegeboxes team will come to your room and pick up all of the items that you need to store for the summer. This even includes heavy items such as a mini fridge or futon.

College Move Out

Move Out Day

Before leaving on move out day, make sure your room is cleaned and vacuumed. Your boxes and luggage should be all that is left in your room. This step is perhaps the most important to get on your way to summer break as quickly as possible.

By following these five tips to survive college move out, you’ll be able to finish out the semester and kick off summer on the right foot. The Collegeboxes team is truly the professionals in the industry and will make sure your process is seamless.

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