Make Extra Money as a Moving Help® Service Provider

Making extra money as a Moving Help®Service Provider is a great solution for holiday expenses. Travel, gifts, and food expenses add up quickly. An additional income stream can help offset this busy and expensive season. See below the benefits and how simple it is to make extra money as a Moving Help Service Provider.

As a Moving Help Service Provider, you’re compensated for providing reliable, professional and safe moving service for customers by offering packing, loading and cleaning services.

Check out how Moving Help Service Providers serve their clients below.

Your schedule on your time

Moving Help Service Providers choose when they work. Part-time or full-time is up to you. For instance, you can modify your schedule online to fit your availability.

Part-Time Work

Many Moving Help Service Providers have other careers in addition to moving. Having a flexible schedule puts you in control of how much you work. This is the perfect option for college students looking to supplement their income because they can work around their breaks and availability.

In addition, having a flexible schedule puts the control in your hands. You only take on jobs when you’re available. 

man loading boxes into moving truck

Full-Time Career

Movers who are interested in making a career from their business have options. Establishing yourself as the go-to option in your community can be a lucrative move. 

Transitioning from part-time to full-time availability can be achieved seamlessly with the online scheduling tool.

Taking your moving experience from part-time hobby to full-time business could mean even more income. 

Zero Startup Cost

There are no monthly fees or setup costs when becoming a Moving Help Service Provider. Stay in control by setting your own rates, Moving Help only charges a 15% marketplace fee per reservation.

Next Steps

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