Covering U-Haul® Logos

We understand that logos and Burning Man don't get along. However, when they get covered up with household products it often causes damage to the vehicle itself in the process. In order to safely cover the logos and markings on a U-Haul truck or trailer, we created a decal kit designed to work with U-Haul equipment. This covering material will allow you to easily cover all logos for the duration of your stay at Burning Man. When the event is over, the decal can come right off without leaving any residue or damage.

Coming from California or Nevada? See if your trip qualifies for a round trip special by heading to and getting rates.
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Cleaning Equipment After Burning Man*

We get it. Your equipment is going to get dirty throughout the event. This only becomes a problem if you return the equipment without thoroughly cleaning it first. Returning dirty equipment can result in cleaning fees starting at $250 and going upwards of $2,500.

Returning your rental equipment clean leaves you with two options:

  • Clean the equipment on your own
  • Use a cleaning service equipped to do the job

If you would rather use a third-party cleaning service, we've compiled a list of cleaning providers available near your drop-off location.

Nearby Cleaning Providers

California Locations

Nevada Locations

*BURNING MAN is the registered trademark of Decommodification, LLC.
U-Haul is not affiliated with or endorsed by Decommodification, LLC, Burning Man Project or Black Rock City, LLC.

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