For Your Protection and Peace of Mind,
Safemove Has You Covered

We can't predict accidents, but we can plan for them. One of the most commonly reported accidents in the rental truck industry is a rock cracking the windshield. With Safemove®, Safemove Plus®, Safetow®, Safestor®, you can rest easy knowing that you will be protected from financial responsibility should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. We are also offering Safetrip® for a flat rate for those unexpected roadside hazards.

Did You Know?

  • Many personal auto policies exclude coverage for different types of rental vehicles.
  • No proof of insurance needed to rent our equipment.
  • All protection packages cover loss of use of the rental equipment.
Frequently Asked Questions


Protection While Moving

You're responsible for all damage to rented equipment. But with Safemove®, you receive a damage waiver and much more!

  • Damage Waiver

    Covers most accident damage to rental
    equipment (does not include collision with an
    overhead object).

  • Cargo Protection

    For loss or damage to cargo resulting from
    collision, fire, windstorm and overturn of the
    rental truck.

  • Medical / Life Protection

    For you and your passengers in the cab of a
    U-Haul rental truck.

Safemove Plus®

Protection While Moving

The only coverage that includes overhead damage and tire protection.

  • Supplemental Liability Coverage

    Supplemental Liability Coverage (SLI)
    safeguards your personal insurance policy for
    the first one million dollars of losses.

  • Exclusion Free Coverage

    Coverage for ANY accidental damage to the U-Haul
    truck (including collision with an
    overhead object).

  • PLUS all Safemove® Protection

    • Damage Waiver
    • Cargo Protection
    • Medical / Life Protection

Damage caused by improper packing, normal shifting of cargo in transit or theft of cargo is not covered.

Pickup Truck and Cargo Van Coverage

Get protection and peace of mind for even the smallest moves. Our pickup trucks and cargo vans are ideal for home improvement projects, deliveries and other small loads. Make sure you're covered no matter what equipment you're renting.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The Collision Damage Waiver is the only level of coverage available for U-Haul pickup trucks and vans.

  • Low $150 deductible for most accidental damage*
  • Available for pickup truck and van rentals
  • No increased premiums
  • Subject to exclusions
U-Haul pickup and cargo van parked next to one another
*Other rates apply for Corporate Business Accounts.
View Corporate CDW details.


Protection While Moving

You're responsible for all damage to a rented trailer, tow dolly or auto transport. But with Safetow®, you receive a damage waiver and much more!

  • Damage Waiver

    Covers damage to the U-Haul rental trailer or
    towing device.

  • Towed Property Protection

    Covers damage to your cargo or vehicle while being transported with a U-Haul rental trailer, auto transport or tow dolly. Multiple levels of protection for you to choose from.

  • Medical / Life Protection

    Provides you with medical and life protection, in case of an accident (subject to exclusions). Your passengers' protection applies only while they are riding in the passenger area of the towing vehicle.


Supplemental Roadside Protection

Help is on the way when you need it! All U-Haul rentals include roadside assistance. SafeTrip® Supplemental Roadside Protection is an additional coverage option available to you at a low cost. Benefits include:

  • Jump Start
  • Lock-out Service
  • Lost Keys
  • Fuel Service
  • Vehicle Stuck in Mud/Snow
  • Trailer Hook-up Problems

Safetrip is not available for Corporate Business Accounts.

Safetrip® Details

Safestor® and Safestor Mobile®

Protection While Storing

Safestor® is low cost storage insurance that covers loss or damage for your stored goods from major perils pictured below:

  • Fire
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Wind
  • Vandalism
  • Vermin
  • Lightning
  • Smoke
  • Earthquake
  • Hail
  • Burglary
  • Building
  • Explosion
  • Leaking
Couple loading household items into a storage unit

Protect Your Possessions

If your belongings are worth storing, they are worth protecting. While U-Haul takes precautions to provide a safe and secure storage environment, we are not responsible for damage or loss to your stored belongings. For that reason, we offer you Safestor®, a low-cost storage insurance designed specifically for your belongings while stored at a U-Haul Self-Storage facility.

Certificate of Coverage

Safestor® is not available at all U-Haul dealerships.

Couple unloading items from a U-Haul van into a storage unit

Protect Your Possessions While in Transit With Safestor Mobile®

Homeowners insurance only covers U-Box stored belongings when they are located on your property. U-Haul offer Safestor Mobile® storage insurance so that you can protect your items while they are in a U-Box moving container.

Certificate of Coverage

*Burglary coverage only applies when there is evidence of forced entry and a police report has been filed. Safestor Mobile® storage insurance does not cover valuable items, including but not limited to: money, stamps, jewelry including watches, antiques, furs, motorized vehicles, bills, art, property deeds, credit cards or other securities. Additional exclusions may apply.

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