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Only U-Haul offers the most affordable mobile storage insurance program to protect your stuff in transit and at the warehouse.

U-Box Portable Storage Containers on truck

Safestor® – Mobile Storage Insurance

Protect your stored belongings from unexpected and unforeseen losses while contained in a U-Haul U-Box storage and moving container, and avoid out of pocket costs for damage done to the U-Box, U-Box cover, or rental trailer. We offer Safestor mobile storage insurance, a low cost optional insurance package specifically designed for the mobile storage industry.

Most homeowners or renters insurance policies only cover U-Box containers when they are located on your premises. So, to insure your goods in transit and in the warehouse, you should purchase Safestor mobile storage coverage.

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How do I Purchase Safestor Mobile Storage Insurance?

Tell your delivery driver when your U-Box containers arrive that you want Safestor. Your coverage is effective the moment you have selected the coverage you desire, sign the contract and make your payment. Your coverage ends when your U-Box containers are delivered back to you.

What does Safestor Mobile Storage Insurance Cover?

Safestor mobile storage insurance protects you in case of loss or damage to your goods as a result of many perils.

Damage caused by improper packing, shifting during transit or intentional acts are not covered. See Certificate of Coverage for full details.

Coverage Limits and Rates:

Coverage Cost per month
$1,000 $12
$5,000 Best Value!   $18
$10,000 $25
$15,000 $32
$20,000 $40

Safestor Mobile Storage Insurance does not Cover Valuable Items, Including but not Limited to:

  • Money
  • Antiques
  • Bills
  • Property deeds
  • Stamps
  • Furs
  • Art
  • Credit cards or other securities
  • Jewelry including watches
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Additional exclusions may apply


For Safestor and Safestor mobile; all exclusions are explained in the Certificate of Coverage details.

Your Safestor policy may include conditions that are required by the laws of your state. If you purchase Safestor, self storage insurance, please review the full policy, including endorsements for a full description of your coverage. A copy of the Safestor policy and/or endorsements affecting your state are available upon request. To request this Safestor information, please contact us. This program may or may not be in excess of what your current insurer already provides. Please check with your insurer to see if your insurance will cover property in a rented storage room.

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Safemove, Safestor and Safetow are subject to exclusions set forth in the U-Haul rental and storage rental contract. Safemove, Safestor and Safetow are not liability insurance and each is optional.

Safemove, Safestor and Safetow are subject to exclusions set forth in the U-Haul rental and storage rental contract. Safemove, Safestor and Safetow are not liability insurance and each is optional. Some portions of these protection packages are underwritten in the USA by Repwest Insurance Company, Phoenix, Arizona. In Canada, some portions are underwritten by Chubb Insurance Company. Customers owning real or personal property may have policies that provide similar coverage elements (check your policies). Any questions, call 1-800-528-0463, ext. 672045. File a claim online or call 1-800-528-7134 (USA), 1-800-661-1069 (Canada).

All of the protection packages cover loss of use of the rental equipment. Authorized drivers or permissive users are also covered as long as they are at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license.

Have questions about or need help with Safemove®, Safemove Plus®, Safetow® or Safetrip®? Contact a damage coverage specialist