14 foot U-Haul Truck

Get Moving with U-Haul 24/7 Self-Service!

Your time is precious, we get it. Rent where, when and how you want, using only your mobile device.

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  • Truck Sharing
  • On Demand 24/7
  • Over 20,000 Locations
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    Skip the Lines

    Why go to the counter when you can go to your equipment? When you make a reservation, your equipment waits for you.

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    Rent 24/7

    Need a truck or trailer but our store is closed? No problem! U-Haul lets you get a truck or trailer, move into a storage room, or get last minute moving help 24/7.

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    Convenient Returns

    Return your equipment 24/7 and get your final receipt without having to wait on or speak to a U-Haul representative at any of our 20,000+ locations.