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Humble Design - Fueled by U-Haul

U-Haul International and Humble Design have teamed up to help families transitioning out of homelessness. We provide furnishings and design services to turn an empty house into a clean, dignified and welcoming home.

Humble Design relies on donations and passionate volunteers to make a big difference - one family at a time. The success is measurable: Up to half of all families return to homelessness within one year of leaving shelters, but that number plummets to 1 percent for families who receive Humble Design's services.

Over 660 families in Detroit have benefited from the generosity of Humble Design's donors, volunteers and partners. With the help of the U-Haul network across North America, Humble is expanding to additional cities. Will you help us provide dignity for a familty in need and support the worthy fight against homelessness? To learn more about Humble Design, visit

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