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Welcome to ‘The Port City’ – Mobile, Alabama

Mobile is located in the southwestern portion of Alabama and sits on the north shores of Mobile Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. As one of America’s largest port cities, Mobile Bay extends roughly 20 miles inland from the Gulf and is a frequently traveled route for boats importing and exporting goods. The Port of Mobile has played a significant impact in developing and maintaining the city’s economy throughout the years; today, it still plays a major part in America’s import/export industries.


Did you know that Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the United States?  It is part of one of North America’s oldest running festivals, Carnival. The first Carnival celebration was held in 1703 and still continues to this day. The unique blend of cultures cannot be found in any other city in Alabama and is most apparent during the Carnival season; there are distinct French, Spanish, Creole, Catholic, British and African influences. At one time, Mobile was the first capital of French Louisiana. If you want to experience the city’s diverse cultural history, these are some fun events to attend! 

Driving Your Moving Truck One-Way to Mobile, AL

There are two major interstates that navigate into Mobile. Interstate 65 begins in Chicago and passes south through a handful of major cities including Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville and Birmingham is the closest in proximity to Mobile. If you are coming from the West or Midwest regions, use any of those cities as a hub to navigate to I-65 south to Mobile.


The other direct route into Mobile is via Interstate 10, the fourth longest interstate highway in the United States. It extends almost 2,500 miles across the country, starting on the west coast in Santa Monica, California and navigating through eight states to Jacksonville, Florida.

Living in the Right Neighborhood in Mobile, AL

Finding a Family Oriented Community

When you are moving to a new city with plans on raising a family, it is always wise to find a good neighborhood with highly rated schools and low crime rates. Here in Mobile, there are many neighborhoods that fit into this category. Starting with Navco which is located just a few miles southwest of City Center, this neighborhood provides a great setting for young children with good schools and lower crime rates. Tanner Williams and Seven Hills are two more great communities with some of the lowest crime rates in the city.


Ten minutes west of the downtown district are Spring Hill and Country Club Estates; these two communities are highly rated by current residents and have similar offerings when it comes to your child getting a quality education. The most direct routes to get to these neighborhoods from City Center is to go west on Dauphin St or take Highway 98. 

Finding a Place to Live near the Mobile Business District

Many business professionals moving to Mobile start by renting an apartment or condo until they become acclimated with their surroundings. If you are the business professional type who will be working in the downtown district, there are a wide variety of condos and apartments available in downtown Mobile. Start at City Center and work west to find your ideal place to live. Dauphin St, Spring Hill Ave and Government Street are great places that have short commutes to the downtown business district.


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