Moving Tips for Scottsdale, AZ - The West's Most Western Town!

Moving to Scottsdale? You’re in luck! With rich ties to Western history, modern amenities and luxurious living has replaced many of the former ranches. If you’re looking for a combination of the two, Scottsdale will definitely suit your needs. Most transplants to the Scottsdale area come for one reason and one reason only: the stunning weather. If you can bear the hotter months during the summer, you will be rewarded with perfect temperatures throughout the rest of the year.

Scottsdale offers some of the best activities and events throughout the entire state. Spend the day shopping in one of the awesome malls, peruse the unique shops and restaurants in Old Town, or head over to Scottsdale Stadium to catch a Spring training game at one of the Cactus League's baseball parks.

Tips to Beat the Heat in Scottsdale, Arizona

We have four locations in the immediate Scottsdale area and more than 200 facilities in the Valley of the Sun to help you with all your moving needs. Be careful though, many who move to Scottsdale end up never going back!

  • Desert Living – The most important aspect of surviving a move in the desert is being able to handle the heat. Luckily, the Arizona heat is known as a “dry” heat due to the extremely low humidity levels. You won't spend your whole day soaked in sweat like many of you from the south are accustomed to. Unfortunately, the dry heat can play tricks on newcomers to the area. Because the air immediately soaks up any moisture that would normally get stuck to your clothing, most become unaware to the amount of liquids they are losing, making them more susceptible to dehydration. In order to stay safe, make sure you remain properly hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day, even if you feel like you haven't lost any to the heat.
  • Getting Around – If you are moving to Scottsdale from a big city, you might want to get used to the lack of public transportation. Because Arizona is so spread out, most commuters are used to driving their own vehicles as opposed to using public transportation. However, there are alternatives. In addition to regular bus routes, Scottsdale also has three trolley routes to get you around Old Town and the surrounding neighborhoods. The best part is that they are free! Running errands, going shopping at one of the malls, or headed to Old Town for dinner? Hop on a trolley!
  • Branch Out – One of the biggest advantages about moving to the Scottsdale is how close it is to the greater Phoenix area. Because Phoenix is so close you have easy access to restaurants and amenities in the downtown area, and most importantly the airport. Sky Harbor airport is known for its convenient location, which can make it feel like you are no more than 15 minutes from the airport no matter where you are in the Valley.


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