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500,000 Fresno Residents Can’t Be Wrong!

Excited for your upcoming move to California? We are! Approximately two and a half hours to some of California’s most beautiful beaches and three hours to the great Sierra Summit, Fresno has an amazing location in the heart of the Central Valley. The economic hub of Fresno County, Fresno is the 5th largest city in the state of California and home to roughly 500,000 residents; soon you can add ‘you and yours’ to that number. A great choice for a fresh start, Fresno has a lot to offer. While California is generally more expensive than most other states, Fresno has a lower cost of living when compared to the rest of California. On top of that, you’ll be located near some truly incredible landmarks. As you prepare for your pending move, we can help you make your new city dreams a reality by getting you there safely and in style.

Helpful Information for Your One-Way Move to Fresno, California

We have more than 10 truck rental facilities located within the Fresno city limits. We are dedicated to helping you make a smooth move to Fresno. Here is some good information that may help for when you are moving to and living in Fresno, California.

  • Where to Live – If you head north on Highway 41 from downtown Fresno, you will find that there are great places to live on either side of the roadway. Within less than a mile on either side of Hwy 41, there is Woodward Lakes, The Dominion, Chestnut Grove, and Old Fig Garden. Closer to downtown Fresno, the Tower District offers great modern amenities and entertainment. Regardless of the lifestyle you live, Fresno has a place for you. If you are being transferred or relocated for work, it may be beneficial to rent housing as a temporary solution.
  • Moving Day – As Fresno is located in central California; it experiences a semi-arid climate that can bring wet winters and dry, hot summers. Simply put, we suggest looking into MovingHelp® if you are even the least bit concerned with unloading your rental truck in the current weather conditions.
  • Explore Nature – Two things you can do once you get settled in: Explore the Forestiere Underground Gardens and Yosemite National Park. At the underground gardens, you can walk through a remarkable manmade structure that took 40 years to build which houses nationally protected plants and trees that date back more than 100 years. At Yosemite National Park, you can go hiking, backpacking, biking, fishing, rock climbing and more, all while experiencing breathtaking views that create an unforgettable experience.


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