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Nicholas L. on


My biggest issue that I had was when I went to pick up my truck, at Noon on Thursday per the contract, the only person that knew how to do the Uhaul orders was out of the office. I was told I would have to wait for him to return because the other employees could not do the Contract, but they would call me as soon as he got back into the office. I couldnt pick up the truck until almost 230 later on that day after I had called back this location to find out where management was and when I would be able to pick it up. Never received a call saying management was back. The lack of training was another mark against the location on top of the previous experience. Then after I walked out and drove the truck over to my home, I realized the Utility Dolly that I paid for was not in the truck which meant I had to go back to the location and pick it up. The lack of care for my time was ridiculous and I would not use this location or service again.

Hilda P. on


The drop off guy didn't seemed thrilled or happy that we were sent to drop off at this location.