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Michael H.

The location was switched from the U-haul centre to a c-store. None of the boxes / I ordered were available at the pick-up and I am still trying to get a credit for the supplies. I was promised an additional 40 miles for the inconvenience but U-haul customer service refused to cover the $14.66 charge. I have a need for a one way 1500 mile rental in April but will look for alternatives other than U-haul owing to this experience

Dawn R.

This gal had no idea what to do once I got there witj the truck. She wanted the keys and told me it was ok to go. She did not get in the truck as she said they scare her and I took the picture of the gas tank and odometer readinh

Constance Y.

U haul rep really needs to go there and train personnel in u haul rental procedures. The staff at the 76 station were very courteous and polite they helped us as best they could

Lisa H.

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