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Chau T. on


This place was a gas station and nobody knew anything . I called uhual and waited for 2 hrs and was advised to leave keys with the front lady st gas station. She knew nothing and had assistance with a guy that could not speak . Nobody was helpful and the uhaul representative informed us to just leave with the cashier. Horrible drop off and getting help via customer service that is not familiar with the are is extremely hard. They were helpful but to what extent when they don’t know the area and I don’t feel comfortable leaving keys with someone who clearly doesn’t understand what is going on .

mary C. on


First, if you reserve something they should have it, hence the RESERVATION!! The whole experience was a disaster to say the least. I will never rent from U-Haul again. The company should not allow outsourcing, period. It was not a good way to start your move when right from the beginning the truck rental was messed up. Do yourself a favor, and rent from somewhere else!

Sheyla M. on


Customer did not leave a comment.