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Ted W. on


When I called American Fuel to drop off my rental they just said, “Call other number.” I said, “what other number, this is the number on my rental contract.” They replied, “205-665-5394.” The “other number” gave me instructions how to find them at the Citgo by the PickNSave 4607 Hwy 25. I was unable to confirm the address through the uhaul app on my iPhone or the uhaul website. We followed directions to the address with a friends phone. We found the Citgo station with uhaul equipment parked behind the building in a dark, grassy, and muddy lot. I tried the uhaul website again and it indicated I had to go to the American Fuel location to start my return. I tried to call uhaul customer service, and after about 20 minutes on hold an associate from the store said he could process the return from his phone. I was a bit hesitant, but he seemed to know what he was doing. The return process just felt really awkward. I hope the truck doesn’t get stuck in the dark, grassy, muddy lot, especially with all the rain.

Martin L. on


Address is incorrect. Nice individual working behind counter but the drop off location is different than mentioned here.

jon R. on


Very nice staff. The only thing preventing a 5 star experience is that the actual drop off location is not at this address. Moreover, there is no parking for anything larger than a pickup truck. You must go down the road about a half-mile to Citgo to return. No big deal--I just think that should be explained to the customer at the time of rental. While the confusion, time and inconvenience are not a big deal to me personally, I know people who would lose their minds over this issue. That said, the staff at both locations were friendly, courteous and informative--they get 5 stars.

Tanner S. on


Again, the dropbox wasn’t even there so had to call customer service at U-Haul to figure out what to do. The whole experience I had with U-Haul this time was terrible



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