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Megan B.

I chose a drop off location in Basking Ridge, NJ and at some point my drop off location was changed to Bergenfield over an hour away. This is absolutely unacceptable. Called customer service and both of the people I spoke with were incredibly rude & called me a liar. The last one said I would be charged extra if I took it to the closer location but refused to give me a dollar amount. Additionally the van was never full and at many points wouldn't go over 40mph. It made a horrible noise if I tried to go any faster (I was on the interstate this is very dangerous). The van swayed aggressively like the tires needed to be realigned. The van told me the oil life was at 5% and that is pretty unacceptable I think to give to someone traveling almost 1,300 miles. I was also never offered any sort of toll pass option which I have previously been offered with local rentals. I went though 8 states. Avoiding tolls is pretty difficult with that much travel and trying to get to my destination in a reasonable amount of time & miles. There was someone's used face mask in the car which leads me to believe they didn't clean the car very thoroughly. Will not be renting from uhaul again.


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